ADL reports downtrend in anti-Semitic incidents

Report says there has been a 14 percent decline in in incidents across the United States, but slight increase in New York.

Abraham H. Foxman adl 370 (photo credit: REUTERS)
Abraham H. Foxman adl 370
(photo credit: REUTERS)
A new report from the Anti- Defamation League has found a 14 percent decline in recorded anti-Semitic incidents across the United States, the organization said on Monday.
The audit of 2012 records identified 17 physical assaults, 470 cases of harassment or threat, and 440 cases of vandalism in which the target was Jewish and the motive allegedly hatred.
While reporting an overall decline, anti-Semitic incidents spiked in New York last year, the ADL found. A total of 248 instances were recorded, amounting to a 28% increase.
California, Florida and Massachusetts experienced the steepest declines.
“While we cannot point to any single explanation for the fluctuations from year to year, the declines of the past several years occur within the context of the continued proliferation of hatred online,” said Barry Curtiss-Lusher, ADL national chair.
“Unlike years ago, when racists handed out pamphlets on street corners or sent them through the mail, the Internet provides racists and bigots with an outlet to reach a potential audience of millions.”
In a prepared statement, the ADL noted that the number of physical assaults has remained relatively stable.
“It is encouraging that in the past few years we have seen a fairly consistent decline in the number of anti- Semitic incidents in the United States,” said Abraham H. Foxman, ADL national director.
“While these numbers only provide one snapshot of anti-Semitism in America, to the extent that they serve as a barometer, the decline shows that we have made progress as a society in confronting anti-Jewish hatred.”
While the ADL devotes itself to the civil rights causes of various minorities, the organization was originally founded to combat anti-Semitism.
It has conducted this survey annually since 1979.