ADL slams Coptic Patriarch's comments

The New York-based Anti Defamation League on Wednesday criticized a prominent leader of the Coptic Church, who claimed that the New Testament says that the Jews killed Christ and that the Vatican was wrong to apologize for two thousand years of church-based anti-Semitism, saying that the remarks "show the persistence of anti-Semitism among Arab Christian leaders." "What is the Vatican apologizing for?" Egyptian Copt Patriarch Shinoda III, said in an April appearance on Egypt's Dream 2 TV. "The New Testament says that they (Jews) are [Christ-killers]" "It is disturbing, but not surprising that there are still Christian leaders in the Arab world who not only wholeheartedly ascribe to the deicide charge, but who teach it to their congregants as a core tenet of their faith," said Abraham H. Foxman, ADL National Director. "It shows the persistence of anti-Semitism among Arab Christian leaders and contributes to the already virulent anti-Semitism that is part of the mainstream in many Arab nations."