Andrea Bronfman 1946-2006

Send your condolences to the Bronfman family in memory of the committed philanthropist who died last week.

andrea charles bronfman  (photo credit: )
andrea charles bronfman
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Andrea Bronfman, the wife of well-known philanthropist Charles Bronfman and a committed philanthropist in her own right, died in New York on January 23 after she was tragically struck by a car while enjoying a morning walk. Close to a thousand mourners from many parts of Israel and abroad congregated inside a huge marquee erected in Jerusalem four days later for her funeral service. She was eulogized by relatives and friends including acting Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and former Prime Minister Shimon Peres, each of whom maintained personal friendships with Bronfman and her husband Charles, whose philanthropy is likewise spread far and wide over Israel, Canada and the US. Please send your condolences by using the talkback above.