'Dutch soccer club must rein in anti-Semitism at games'

'Dutch News' report: Court in The Hague censures ADO Den Haag for failing to stop anti-Semitic chants against Amsterdam club supporters.

A court in the The Hague censured a soccer club from the same city that failed to stop anti-Semitic chanting at a home match against Amsterdam club Ajax in March, English-language Dutch News reported Tuesday.
The case was presented to the court by an organization that fights anti-Semitism after club supporters chanted de Joden (English: the Jews) at Ajax players. The club has said its officials had not heard the singing.
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The court ordered the ADO Den Haag to take "adequate measures" to stop "unacceptable" crowd behavior, Dutch News said.
Last March, ADO Den Haag midfielder Lex Immers came under fire when a video was uploaded to YouTube that showed him joining in anti-Semitic chanting with other fans following the match.
"We're going to hunt for Jews," Immers was seen chanting, using the common ADO Den Haag nickname for Ajax supporters.
"When I sing 'We're going to hunt for Jews,' I mean that we want to beat Ajax," Immers said to  soccer magazine Voetbal International, adding "The slogan 'We're going to hunt for Jews' seemed innocent."
The whole debacle led to a five match suspension for Immers, Dutch News reported.