Evangelicals to present Knesset with 'letter of repentance'

For Christian crimes against Jews. The letter is the brainchild of the Texas-based Covenant Alliances.

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Evangelicals 88
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In a highly symbolic move, dozens of evangelical Christian leaders will present the Knesset with a "letter of repentance" on Wednesday for crimes committed by Christians against the Jewish people over the centuries. "On behalf of millions of Christians who love Israel and pray for her, we would like to repent before you for crimes committed against the Jewish people throughout history in the name of Christianity. We have sinned against G-d and against you," the letter reads. The letter (www.letterofrepentance.com), which is being sponsored by a large number of evangelical groups and is the brainchild of the Texas-based Covenant Alliances, will be presented to the Knesset's Christian Allies Caucus in a special session expected to be attended by a few hundred Christian Zionist leaders from around the world. The letter, which is addressed "to the People of Israel," and is peppered with biblical quotations, voices the hope that Jews and Christians can be "brothers and sisters again." "Any Christian who is an ardent lover of the Bible will be thrilled with this event," said Pastor David Decker, president of the Covenant Alliance, a Christian Zionist organization based in Jerusalem. The letter will be signed by dozens of evangelical Christian leaders from around the world, representing hundreds of thousands of people, he said. The gala event, which will be coupled with the presentation of a "love letter to Israel" declaring their unequivocal support for the State of Israel, will be preceded by a conference on Tuesday dubbed "the Jerusalem Assembly" at a hotel in the capital that will include speeches mixed with prayer sessions. "This event is a dream come true and a revolution of historic proportions," said Christine Darg of the UK-based Exploits Ministry, who is active in evangelical work in the Muslim world. Darg, who has been preaching for reconciliation between Christians and Jews and for the rejection of replacement theology for three decades, called the letter of repentance "an earthquake measuring 9.8 on the Richter scale." "The replacement theology is itself being replaced by Christian Zionists who believe in the designation of the People of Israel," said Caucus Chairman MK Benny Elon (NU-NRP), who has spearheaded Israel's relations with the Christian world. The parliamentary lobby, which is co-hosting the event, has come to epitomize Israel's newfound interest in garnering the support of the Christian world, especially from the largely pro-Israel evangelical community. "Any Zionist - Jewish or Christian - will be thrilled with this event," Decker said.