'Four JDL members trashed Paris shop'

Youths, 16-26, reportedly arrested for vandalizing bookstore run by pro-Palestinian activists.

kahane 248.88 (photo credit: Richard Novitz)
kahane 248.88
(photo credit: Richard Novitz)
Four Jewish Defense League members were arrested on Wednesday, according to Agence France Presse, in connection to last week's attack on a Paris bookstore. Judicial officials were quoted in the report as saying that the shop is run by pro-Palestinian activists, and has fallen victim to several such attacks. The JDL members, aged 16 to 26, allegedly entered the shop last Friday afternoon wearing masks, and proceeded to trash the store. According to the report, the four were armed with sticks and bottles of oil, and damaged computers, books, and the cash register. AFP reported that following the incident, anti-racism group, MRAP called for a ban on the JDL. The JDL, founded in 1968 by extremist Rabbi Meir Kahane, holds the stated goal of "protecting Jews from antisemitism by whatever means necessary."