Holocaust-era railcar arrives at Houston museum

A World War II-era railcar from Germany arrived Wednesday at the Houston Holocaust Museum, where it will become part of the permanent exhibit. It's unclear whether the 25-foot (7.5-meter) railcar, built in 1942, was used to transport people to concentration camps during the Holocaust. But museum officials say it offers a powerful symbol. "In such a small space of 10 feet by 25 feet there would be up to 200 people crammed in this railcar for up to six to eight hours," said Peter M. Berkowitz, president of the museum's board of directors. "It is not uncommon that often as much as 30 percent of the individuals who were in these railcars would not see the end of the trip." The museum plans to officially unveil the car at its 10th anniversary ceremony March 5. Former President Bill Clinton is among those invited to join about 300 Holocaust survivors for the ceremony.
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