Huge crowds gather in Bnei Barak for rabbi's funeral

Rabbi Michel Yehuda Lefkowtiz dies at 97; Lefkowitz was an admired educational figure in Lithuanian, general haredi worlds.

An estimated hundred thousand people took part in the funeral procession of Rabbi Michel Yehuda Lefkowitz in Bnei Brack on Tuesday.
Lefkowitz, an admired educational figure in the Lithuanian and general haredi world, passed away at the age of 97 Monday night. Born in Valozhyn, he arrived in Israel in 1936. For over the past 50 years he headed the prestigious Yeshivat Ponovezh L’Tzeirim for young yeshiva students in Bnei Brak, alongside Rabbi Aharon Yehuda Leib Shteinman.
Over the years Lefkowitz became one of the sector's leading educators, who rarely was involved in political issues, considered an authority on matters of spiritual guidance.
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