In Australia, using Facebook to share Israel pride

Leibler Yavneh College in Melbourne, a Bnei Akiva academy, challenges students to get online to spread Yom Ha'atzmaut message.

Facebook 311 (photo credit: courtesy)
Facebook 311
(photo credit: courtesy)
Just in time for Yom Ha'atzmaut, the Leibler Yavneh College in Melbourne, Australia is sending their students online in the name of Israel advocacy.
The program is called "The Great Facebook Advocacy Challenge." The program started Tuesday morning and was set to last 24 hours. Yavne students will spread their message of Israeli pride on Facebook and reach out to as many followers as possible. The students competed in four teams, divided by their classes, and on Wednesday morning, the team with the most number of "likes" will win.
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The groups that were created include "Like this if you love Israel," "Supporting Israel Around the World," "The Awkward Moment when everybody hates Israel," and "We love Israel."
According to Zvika Klein, spokesperson for World Bnei Akiva, students are expected to work in two stages: first creating a marketing plan, and then using Facebook to implement that plan.
During the marketing phase, Yavne students set a target number of "likes" for their page and then detailed how they planned to bring viewers to their site. Potential methods are video, photos, viral messaging, mass e-mails and sending press releases to Israeli media.
In the implementation phase, students were required to make a video. Creativity was encouraged but the video must reference Bnei Akiva. This stage also includes the actual making of the page and further outreach to media sources and potential followers.
Bnei Akiva is a religious Zionist movement with branches in 37 countries including Australia, Canada, the United States and South Africa.