Iranian Jewish group to meet in J'lem

Newly formed federation aims to preserve heritage of Persian Jews coming from Iranian city of Mashad.

mashad Iran 248.88 mosque (photo credit: Courtesy)
mashad Iran 248.88 mosque
(photo credit: Courtesy)
A newly formed Iranian Jewish Federation made up of emigrants from the Iranian city of Mashad will meet next week in Jerusalem in an effort to promote and preserve their heritage. The mission of the federation, which will hold a one-day conference at a city hotel on Monday, is to ensure the survival of the Mashadi heritage, founder Bahman Kamali said. "At a time when the Iranian regime is again launching attacks against people who seek the right to live freely and democratically, we feel that it is imperative to remind the world that there is a community of Jews who enjoyed a proud and tradition-filled history in that very place," Kamali said. The majority of Jews who came from Mashad - Iran's second largest city - now live in Israel, which is home to nearly 15,000 former Mashadi Jews, while other communities exist in New York, Hamburg, London and Milan. The daylong conference, which will be attended by members of the former Mashadi Jewish communities worldwide, will cover topics such as the assimilation of the Iranian Jewish Community in the United States and Italy, and the creation of a Mashadi archive museum documenting the history, books and artifacts from the region.