'Iranian Jews ready to defend Iran'

IRNA statement contains gross inaccuracies, veracity highly doubtful.

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The state-run news agency of Iran, IRNA, issued on Monday morning a statement supposedly by the leaders of the Iranian Jewish community. According to IRNA, Iran's Jews have a "commitment to defend the national interests of Iranians" and are ready to "defend all national interests of Iranians and to observe the guidelines set by [the] Supreme Leader Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei." The statement also said that Iran's Jews see a "remarkable coincidence" between the Jewish Pessah, beginning on Monday evening, and the festivals of the Iranian new year.
  • IRNA brief supposedly quoting the Association of Iranian Jews The statement, however, contains two enormous inaccuracies which seriously undermine its credibility. In a paragraph supposedly taken directly from the statement, attributed to the Association of Iranian Jews, IRNA quotes the association as pledging allegiance to the country "in obedience with the instructions of Jesus." Further in the statement, IRNA explains the meaning of Pessah as a holiday that "celebrates the escape of Jews from the slaughter of the first-born in Egypt," when actually, according to both the Bible and the Hagaddah, Jews in Egypt marked their door-posts ahead of the slaughter of the first-born, and this was how their houses were spared God's slaughter. Egypt's Jewish slaves only left the country after the slaughter was finished. The Mezuzah, nailed to door-posts of Jewish houses by an overwhelming majority of both observant and non-observant Jews in Israel and the world, is a custom originating in this chapter in Jewish History, and is recounted every year in Pessah during the Seder.