Neo-Nazi mother banned from teaching son

Mom also forbidden to take her young son to right-wing political rallies.

An Australian court banned a neo-Nazi mother from taking her young son to right-wing political rallies or teaching him her views. Family Court Deputy Chief Justice John Faulks ruled that the German-born mother, known only as Mrs. Hoover, and her estranged Australian partner, known only as Mr. Hoover, are also forbidden from inciting racial hatred when in the presence of their 6-year-old son. Australian newspapers reported this week that the judgment, delivered in Canberra on April 9, also banned Mrs. Hoover, a former skinhead, from viewing Web sites "promoting Nazism, neo-fascism or Web sites that advocate racial vilification" while the child is in her care. Meanwhile, police in Melbourne have been called to a market twice to remove a man selling Nazi memorabilia, according to The Leader newspaper. Tony Dunlap, who reportedly sold items with swastikas next to the flag of Israel at his stall, is considering taking legal action against the market operators, according to the newspaper.