Shots fired at Jewish center in Holland

Maintenance man finds bullet holes in window of 'Sinai' center; none hurt; police launch investigation.

bullet hole 88 (photo credit: )
bullet hole 88
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Two gunshots were fired at the 'Sinai' Jewish center in Amstelveen, Holland overnight Tuesday, Bnei Akiva emissary Nadav Hardov told The Jerusalem Post on Wednesday. No one was wounded in the incident, and the bullet holes in a window were only discovered on Wednesday morning when a maintenance man arrived at the premises. Hardov, who also works with the Jewish Agency, said that police were investigating the alleged shooting, and did not yet know whether anti-Semitic or anti-Israel motives were behind it. Approximately 30,000 Jews live in the Netherlands. In Istanbul, meanwhile, Turkey's main Jewish group urged the state Wednesday to prosecute what it called anti-Semitic acts linked to the IDF's Gaza operation. The group, Musevi Cemaati, or Jewish Community in Turkish, said that some Turkish "fringe" newspapers and other media were continuing to disseminate anti-Semitic messages, including terms such as "bloody Jews" and criticism of the Torah. Silvyo Ovadya, the head of Musevi Cemaati, said last week in an interview with Haberturk television that there were several hundred examples of recently published articles with anti-Semitic messages linked to the Gaza war.