Yad Vashem requests privately held Holocaust papers

Museum asks people to send artifacts, photographs, documents related to Holocaust so that it can preserve them from deterioration.

Yad Vashem (photo credit: Yad Vashem)
Yad Vashem
(photo credit: Yad Vashem)
The Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum on Thursday asked people to send it artifacts, photographs and documents related to the Holocaust so that it could preserve them from deterioration.
The museum said the project was aimed at preventing such items from being lost so that future generations may see them.
“Personal stories told through artifacts, art work, diaries, letters and post cards add another dimension to education about the Holocaust and remembering it,” Avner Shalev, Yad Vashem chairman, said. “A large part of what we do here at Yav Vashem including our educational and research work is based on such documentation.
That’s why we’re encouraging people who may have items related to the Holocaust to bring them in so that they may be viewed for posterity.”
Dr. Haim Gartner, the head of the archives department at the museum, speculated that a lot of valuable information on the persecution of the Jews by the Nazis may be discovered through the project.
“Many of those in possession of the documents aren’t aware of their importance and the need to keep them,” he said. “At Yad Vashem they will be well preserved and accessible to the public.”
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