Upswing in youth violence against animals

The ongoing school strike is taking a heavy toll on homeless animals.

The ongoing school strike is taking a heavy toll on homeless animals. The number of calls to the AHAVA Association for Animal Rescue and the LE'AN organization for the prevention of youth violence has risen dramatically in the past two weeks. In Kiryat Motzkin, a group of teenagers gouged out the eye of a kitten using a broken-off car antenna. Roy Schindler, a high school student and volunteer in both AHAVA and LE'AN, rescued the kitten from its torturers. The kitten was taken to veterinarian Dr. Yair Ben Zioni, who stitched up his wounded eye and staunched the bleeding. The AHAVA association is now looking for a home for the semi-blinded kitten. This week, AHAVA and LE'AN initiated a project wherein youngsters will fight youth violence against vulnerable children and the elderly, and of course in preventing animal abuse. Teenagers with a conscience of at least 15 years of age are called upon to help build a better society in Israel. In order to start the project, the associations urgently need adult volunteers, especially those with organizational abilities, who can help run this huge project. More volunteers are needed for the emergency center which is manned daily, including Fridays and Saturdays. The associations also need donations to finance veterinary care and medicine, and the struggle against youth violence. For further details, contact (09) 958-8833.