Americans With Retirement Funds Turning to Gold IRA as Market Volatility Reaches All-time High

As discouraging economic headlines continue to appear across the media in the U.S., experts are overwhelmingly turning to a solution that has survived during major crises for centuries.

Gold Ira (photo credit: Courtesy)
Gold Ira
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Surely you’ve noticed it. Dangerous domestic and global events have become the rule rather than the exception. Unstable governments are printing worthless money left and right. U.S. GDP growth is on the verge of going negative for the first time in 60 years. China’s economic deceleration has reached a shocking magnitude. Apple stock plunged 30% without warning - in fact, 2020 started as the most volatile year for the S&P since the 2009 economic crisis.   
These and more signs have become a wake-up call for Americans who haven’t effectively diversified their retirement portfolios. In an effort to protect their assets and legacies, many are scrambling for protection from the ravages of dollar devaluation, market collapse, or any other type of cataclysmic economic occurrence that may result from the current unstable conditions. 
With warning signs suggesting trouble could strike the American economy at any moment, many Americans are turning to Gold IRAs. 
Gold is frequently recommended by top financial advisors for portfolio diversification, but given current economic conditions, it’s more important than ever that every American considers its benefits when planning for the future. Global tensions, an oversold stock market, and skyrocketing U.S. debt are weighing heavily on the global economic condition. 
All this pressure has created the potential for dramatic financial loss at a moment’s notice, even greater than the more protracted 2008 correction. It’s always critical to diversify a portfolio, but in this difficult financial environment, the need has become urgent. And many experts are claiming the protections provided by a Gold IRA could shine as the most brilliant solution. 
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4 Reasons to Consider Gold In 2019

Here are just 4 of the largest current threats to the global economy, which all point to the viability of a Gold IRA to diversify your retirement portfolio: 
1. Global Tensions and Conflicts
North Korea’s disarmament plans have ground to a halt. The U.S. decision to renege on the Iranian Nuclear Deal has tensions high and the recent U.S. backing of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital has further fanned the growing flames of perceived U.S. Mideast “interference.” 
Another group of foreign diplomats are uneasy about U.S. support for Venezuela’s opposition leader, Juan Guaido. And today’s lower oil prices could become a distant memory if a host of Middle East relations do not improve and quickly. All of these factors can cause sudden chaos in the stock market, but rarely impact gold prices heavily. 
2. U.S. National Debt
It’s not only concerning that we’ve passed the $22 trillion deficit mark, but even more concerning is the fact that the last $1 trillion was added in less than a year (for the first time ever). $22 trillion is more than the entire U.S. economy! 
This condition is not only unsustainable, there appears to be no planned end in sight. Erosion of the dollar’s value continues as Baby Boomers continue to file for social security from a fund that’s been hemorrhaging for decades. China and Russia are lobbying and eager to fill a void being created by a continuing decline of the dollar’s value. 
3. Banking Blunders and Bail-Ins
A big part of the 2008 financial meltdown had to do with a bank’s misuse of derivatives, which in 2018 achieved heights exponentially greater than 2008 levels. And for all the complaining about Dodd-Frank, the one thing that no one seems to be aware of is actually THE MOST IMPORTANT FACT: All bank deposits immediately become bank assets in the event of insolvency! 
This means taxpayers are no longer a bank’s first line of defense. Instead, that “privilege” has been quietly dumped onto depositors. Your Checking or Savings accounts can now legally and without recourse be commandeered for the bank’s own financial needs. 
4. An Oversold Stock Market
Top analysts have been warning about the growing possibility of a market crash even greater than the one experienced during the Great Depression. They hurry to point out the suspicious lack of “significant” corrections during the recent bull market, which became the longest in our history last year. 
Just one factor in their concerns is the fact that public companies borrowed $1.1 trillion in cheap Fed money, made available by the Fed’s notorious Quantitative Easing program, which was earmarked for wage increases, infrastructure, and expansion. Then they spent $1.2 trillion on stock buyback programs that inflated stock prices, but did virtually nothing beneficial for the company, particularly in potential growth or even maintenance. 
These warnings signs have led analysts predict a 70% correction this year. In fact, the CIA's Financial Threat Advisor Jim Rickards even stated on Money Morning that he believes a 70% drop is the best case scenario. 
It’s never been a better time in history to consider holding physical gold.

Why Gold - And Why Now?

You don’t need to be a history buff to realize that gold has been universally accepted as a revered and valuable asset for centuries:

- Gold has never been negatively affected by the collapse of any country’s fiat currency and can readily be converted to any other currency or asset.
- Companies can go bankrupt and stocks can go to zero value, but gold has a brilliant history of retaining value, especially during turbulent economic times.
- Gold has attributes desired by a growing list of new technologies within the computing, electronic and medical fields. Many of these technologies consume or utilize gold, thereby generating an even greater demand.- Gold has a history of long-term appreciation, as well as maintaining or growing in value, especially when other traditional, financial instruments falter or collapse entirely.
In addition, gold prices skyrocketed after the 2008 collapse, meaning those who invest early could be in for the same rewards as those who invested in 2005 and 2006. The ounce price back then was as low as $417.73. Today, that number has tripled.

Time May Be Running Out

A Gold IRA has proven the ideal choice for many Americans who don’t want to worry about losing everything due to factors outside their control. However, those who wish to diversify with a Gold IRA are smart to act quickly to gain maximum protection and even potential rewards. 
In a worst-case scenario, a market crash combined with dollar devaluation could quite literally wipe out practically any portfolio without appropriate protection. Top financial advisors agree that gold is a necessary ingredient for providing “appropriate protection” for financial portfolios today, primarily because it has the ability to respond in opposition to other financial instruments during a crisis.What Are The Specific Advantages of a Gold IRA Today?Not every American with a retirement portfolio knows this, but they ought to:
The Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997 and Section 408 of the IRS Code identifies and permits qualified Americans to utilize a specialized self-directed IRA, in order to put a variety of IRS-approved physical precious metal products into a tax-advantage account. 
This means a traditional Gold IRA allows Americans to invest up to age-based annual limits on a tax-free basis. Even though a Roth – Gold IRA requires taxes to be paid on investment funds up front, it also permits unlimited growth without taxation upon distribution. 
In addition to the potential tax advantages mentioned, based on the type of Gold IRA, there are more important reasons to include physical precious metals in your retirement portfolio: 
  • In spite of excitement over the longest bull market in American history, since the start of the millennium, Gold appreciation has outperformed the DJIA stock market by more than 4 to 1 (210% to 51%).
  • Gold shines brightest during economic and geopolitical uncertainty, domestic and global recession, and any other type of monetary or market decline
  • Gold is “Wealth Insurance” because it stores value while acting as a currency hedge and safe haven asset.
  • Gold mitigates investment risk and puts you in control of your own portfolio security.
  • Gold is not an IOU, fiat currency, or promissory note. Gold is a physical asset that can provide peace of mind to those concerned with market and banking operations.

Experts Say “Add Gold to Your Retirement Portfolio”

Even the most renowned financial experts in the world rarely agree on “the best way” to grow a retirement account. However, those same experts do manage to agree on the need for gold and other precious metals to be held within a retirement portfolio. 
Regardless of your investment preference - whether it’s bonds, stocks, or real estate - as the 2008 economic decline will attest, an appropriate percentage of physical gold in a Gold IRA or retirement portfolio can protect from the negative and dangerous effect of falling values. Currency devaluations and inflation can also be detrimental to a retirement account, but gold holds its own and can even thrive in those conditions. 
[IMAGE: The Gold market has outperformed the stock market by a 4 to 1 ratio since 2003.]

How You Can Get Your Gold IRA

Americans have three choices when it comes to Gold IRAs:

          1. You can create an entirely new Gold IRA account.           2. You can transfer and convert your existing IRA.          3. You can rollover the account if you have funds from a qualified retirement plan, such as a Self Employed Pension, Thrift      Savings Plan, 401(k), or other qualified plan.

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If you are serious about enjoying your retirement, protecting your legacy, and buffering your retirement portfolio, then creating or adding to a Gold IRA needs to become a pressing consideration.
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