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Factors Affecting Gold Prices

Gold is one of the most important and impactful assets that has been in existence for a very long time. Since the days of barter trade, it has always had a superior presence.

By Leo Giosuè
Gold Ira

Americans With Retirement Funds Turning to Gold IRA as Market Volatility Reaches All-time High

As discouraging economic headlines continue to appear across the media in the U.S., experts are overwhelmingly turning to a solution that has survived during major crises for centuries.

Gold Backed IRA

Gold backed IRA | How to start gold investment with IRA?

Typically, an investment for retirement is viewed as important yet it may be considered confusing when looking at future possibilities and plans. An Investment retirement account (IRA) is considered the best financial retirement option for investing your pension funds, protecting it from taxation and helping to manage your future to come.

Cache of gold coins and 900-year-old gold earring found in Caesarea.

Cache of coins and 900-year-old earring found in Caesarea

The coins are dated to the end of the 11th century, which would link the cache to the Crusader conquest of the city in the year 1101, one of the more critical events in the city’s medieval history.

Dore Gold

Foreign Ministry mum on questions about Gold's taxes, says case closed from its perspective

According to a 'Haaretz' report, Gold denied during the vetting process for the top foreign ministry post that he had ever had to pay a penalty for tax offense, even though he did so.


Watch: Nazi treasure buried at end of war found in Germany‏

The coins, which are in "excellent condition" and have not yet been claimed, were worth between 190 and 210 euros each.

DRUSE SPIRITUAL LEADER Sheikh Muafek Tarif attends the ceremony honoring the divers on Monday.

Antiquities Authority honors six divers who recovered treasure off Caesarea coast

2,600 perfectly preserved gold coins from 1017 CE mention founder of Druse faith.


Watch: Gaza merchants find new market in buying and selling of recycled gold

A small workshop in Gaza city keeps a fading jewellery business running by recycling old gold jewellery.

israeli archaeology

Watch: Rare 2,300-year-old silver and bronze coins, jewelry found in ancient northern cave

Antiquities Authority: Coins minted during reign of Alexander the Great represent one of most significant finds in years.

Gold IRA Rollover

Gold IRA Rollover - Securing Your Investment Portfolio

Protecting your hard-earned money is one of the most important parts of saving for your future. When it comes to protecting your retirement portfolio, is a Gold IRA the answer? Should you go for gold

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