Can Wordeep’s AI Make Non-natives Speak Like Native English Speakers?

John drove on his car. They ride in the bus. For someone who does not speak English perfectly, the first two sentences might seem just fine.

 (photo credit: YOUTUBE)
(photo credit: YOUTUBE)
John drove on his car. They ride in the bus. For someone who does not speak English perfectly, the first two sentences might seem just fine. For a native English speaker, the errors are clear. Learning English can be quite a task for people who speak English as a second language. The many forms of verbs and an inundation of prepositions can be overwhelming.

What might seem like a small change of preposition to a non-native English speaker could change the meaning of a sentence entirely. For example, Jason can go to college but he cannot go to abroad. A hubby can say, “Honey, I am home” to his wife, but not, “Honey, I am restaurant”.

A quick reply can be given quickly, but a fast reply cannot be delivered fastly. Non-natives like to go for shopping whereas native English speakers go shopping. The confusions that non-native students and new learners face as they try to comprehend the nuances of English language can be a big nuisance.

One cannot deny the fact that some non-natives end up learning English as though it was their mother tongue. In many cases, these learners do not face the most common challenges that students who are having a hard time learning English do.

The Common Reasons People Have a Hard Time Learning English

In most cases, the people who have a hard time learning English face similar problems. Sometimes, these factors are in their control and at other times, they are not. A few examples of these issues are as follows:

Not Enough Exposure to English

They find themselves confused about various concepts of the language because they have no one around to explain them. They spend a couple of hours in the classroom, but the remaining 22 hours are spent among people who do not speak a word of English. They do not have access to English content e.g. movies, magazines, documentaries, etc. They are at the mercy of their English teacher and the time they spend at the English learning institute.


Dyslexia is a mental issue. It is neurological in nature and causes the person to have difficulties understanding certain words, symbols, etc. According to Dyslexia Center of Utah, Dyslexia is the biggest factor behind language learning difficulties, affecting nearly 20% of the students. It is of key importance to understand here that people with dyslexia are and can be as intelligent as any other normal person who does not have dyslexia.

Bland and Conventional Teaching Methods

Grammar is nothing less than chemical formulas or mathematical equations for non-native speakers. Shoving it down their throats causes fear, embarrassment, and confusion. The prevalent methods of teaching languages are bland to the core and totally uninspiring.

Lack of English Communication Affects People in Many Ways

English is an international language with nearly 400 million people having it as their first language. It is also spoken officially in more than 50 countries of the world. The best applications, social networks, software tools, operating systems, etc. all use English as the language of communication. More than 50% of the most well-known websites on the internet are using it.


In developing countries, professionals face difficulties in their career growth because of their lack of English speaking and communication. These individuals, although immensely talented, cannot think of working abroad and earning a handsome livelihood because of their English language challenges. They are like lifeguards with gills who do not know how to swim.

Asking Too Many Questions Is Embarrassing  

When it comes to workplace environments, people are too shy to ask others to help them with English. It is nothing but sheer embarrassment when someone has to ask ten different people what to write in an email. There is no question mark on the talent and skills of these people, but these qualities are a waste without English communication skills. They are like master-level painting artists with a palette of invisible colors.  

Introducing Wordeep – A Day Saver for ESL Learners

Wordeep is an online tool that can help non-native English speakers communicate more effectively than ever. It uses artificial intelligence (AI) to catch errors in the written documents, emails, files, etc. It has proven to be a perfect tool for those who need correspondence in English on a daily basis in their workplaces. The team of developers worked on creating this automated proofreading tool for five years. Today, it has the potential to serve millions of people around the world communicate effectively in English. Here is how it will help different groups of people in their English-related tasks.

ESL Learners

People who have English as a second language (ESL) are the primary target audience this tool will serve. It will help them write better English not only in the office but even when they are chatting with people online. They can use Wordeep to correct any English errors in their documents easily and quickly. Some common mistakes that ESL learners can have auto-corrected by Wordeep include the following examples:

·         Wrong: I read the paper every day to keep with the news.  

·         Corrected: I read the paper every day to keep up with the news.

·         Wrong: When I am tired, I try to has a break.

·         Corrected: When I am tired, I try to have a break.

·         Wrong: Tommy blew down the red balloon.

·         Corrected: Tommy blew up the red balloon.

·         Wrong: He applied on a scholarship for next semester.

·         Corrected: He applied for a scholarship for next semester.

·         Wrong: He stared intently on the girl.

·         Corrected: He stared intently at the girl.

·         Wrong: We have run out milk.

·         Corrected: We have run out of milk.

·         Wrong: The boys who came has a very big car.

·         Corrected: The boys who came have a very big car.

As simple as these problems seem, they can make an individual’s communication look weak. At the same time, these common errors can easily go unnoticed with most other software tools.

Dyslexic Individuals

Again, these are some talented and intelligent people. Dyslexia only affects the way they look at and learn certain words and symbols. They understand the meaning of what they are reading. Their concepts are as good and sound as others’. However, they can usually overlook and unintentionally leave out errors in their words and sentences that are usually quite prominent to non-dyslexic people. Some examples of Wordeep correcting English sentences from Dyslexic individuals are as under:

·         Wrong: I want a cop of milk.

·         Corrected: I want a cup of milk.

·         Wrong: I bought her an expensive bold watch.

·         Corrected: I bought her an expensive gold watch.

·         Wrong: She is the cite manager in Israel.

·         Corrected: She is the site manager in Israel.

·         Wrong: I like to walk by the sandy bitch.

·         Corrected: I like to walk by the sandy beach.

·         Wrong: I want to meat you tomorrow.

·         Corrected: I want to meet you tomorrow.

Native English Speakers

One cannot deny the fact that making language mistakes is common among native English speakers as well. Sometimes, they write wrong English because of what they learn from the internet. A lot of cultures bump into each other on the internet. Certain words are constantly written wrong by non-native speakers. Unfortunately, many native speakers end up picking those erroneous words and make them a part of their daily communication. A common example of wrong English usage by native English speakers is would of instead of would have.

Hodl and pwned are two more words that went viral only because they were misspelled at a very “apt” time. Wordeep can help native English speakers as a second pair of eyes to proofread their documents. Students writing essays, professionals composing emails, teachers preparing course materials, etc. are just a few of the examples of instances where native English speakers can take advantage of Wordeep.

How Does Wordeep Work?

Wordeep can instantly autocorrect just about any English mistakes in a written piece because of its powerful machine learning. It uses a neural network to learn new words, grammar rules, sentence structures, common language mistakes, and much more. A neural network is more like a human brain created with the help of computer programs. It learns new things fast and makes use of them to solve problems thrown at it. These systems learn much like a human brain learns things i.e. without following any set code of rules.

In simple words, Wordeep’s proofreading and grammar check system is getting stronger and more robust with the passage of time. It is due to a precise use of artificial intelligence and machine learning that Wordeep is able to perform English correction with more accuracy than other similar software tools.

How to Use Wordeep

Wordeep is supposed to be making lives easier for those who want to communicate in perfect English. The purpose of its creation strictly demands that it provides convenient automated proof reading to its users. Here are the two ways in which Wordeep can help users write better English.

Using the Website

ESL students and learners, Dyslexic people, and even native English speakers can use Wordeep website to proofread their English. Here is how the process will flow. The user will:

·         Go to

·         Sign up with correct information

·         Paste the content of the email, word doc or any file into Wordeep’s web app

·         Correct the highlighted errors by hovering the mouse over the wrong word and selecting a suggested alternative

·         Copy and paste the content back after corrections

Even for a first time user, the proofreading process is quick and easy.

Using the Gmail Extension

For a professional who has to send dozens of emails every day on the company’s behalf, he/she has to make sure that every word in the email is correct. Here is how a user can use Wordeep Gmail extension to auto correct English language mistakes. The user will:

·         Install the Wordeep Gmail extension

·         Compose an email on Gmail

·         See the red-underlined words while typing

·         Choose the suggested corrections and fix

·         Send an email with confidence

Why Use Wordeep’s Automated Proofreading

A thought that usually bothers people before they use Wordeep or any other software for grammar check and proofreading is that of using a human proofreader. The idea of having a human proofreader sounds great, but software, in general, are faster at it. Human proofreading is not bad in any way, but you can make things even better when you have a tool like Wordeep. Let’s see how.

·         Wordeep is more intelligent than most other software and it fixes the issues that most of them skip. So, other softwares might earn a bad name because of how they implement automated proofreading, but things are quite improved and innovative with Wordeep.

·         Wordeep can check hundreds of errors in a piece of text in a second, which a human will require hours for.

·         Wordeep is much more cost-efficient than using a human proofreader. When you take into account its accuracy, it is more cost-effective than even the most well-known softwares on the market.

·         Wordeep’s developers have paid special attention to users’ privacy. To maintain confidentiality of the users and their content, none of what Wordeep users paste in the web app or write in their emails is visible to any Wordeep developer or employee.

·         The use of neural network and robust machine learning is expected to make it as powerful at proofreading as a human, if not more.

How People with English as a Second Language Access Wordeep

Wordeep is a cost-efficient solution for commercial users as well as individuals at home. For someone looking to test the effectiveness of the tool, they can sign up for a free trial. With the free trial, they will be able to check up to 25,000 characters without paying anything. On the other hand, the paid plan is only $13 a month, allowing users to auto-correct and proofread up to 750,000 every month. The same plan can also be used to check 250,000 characters on a day-to-date basis.

The needs of the modern users are fully in the notice of Wordeep’s development team, and that’s why they have already started working on a Wordeep mobile application as well. This application will soon land in the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store for Android and iOS users to download.

Final Thoughts

Humans have always used technology to do things that they could not physically achieve themselves. The planes flying in the air, satellites circling the earth, 3D printers creating models for houses are only some of the examples of that. If the non-availability of the right environment, a bland English language course, or dyslexia has kept someone from learning English masterfully, then Wordeep is surely the most appropriate technological solution for them.