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Can Wordeep’s AI Make Non-natives Speak Like Native English Speakers?

John drove on his car. They ride in the bus. For someone who does not speak English perfectly, the first two sentences might seem just fine.


The Anglo angle

“If we can inspire kids to be interested in the English language, if I can give them knowledge of letters and sounds and words, that’s a step,” Hochberger says.

'Making a signifcant impact on children's lives': Masa Israel Teaching Fellowship participants

Ambitions as a Masa teaching fellow

Why volunteer in this country in particular?

Naftali Bennett

Ministry seeks volunteers to teach English in schools

The program is looking for native English speakers to volunteer one or two hours each week to speak and work with children from kindergarten through high school.


It’s something in the blood

A great-granddaughter unwittingly closes a circle three generations later.

Israeli students learn English to The Sound of Music

Israeli students learn English to The Sound of Music

The unique project began out of a requirement to drastically improve the level of English in the school.

The Hebrew University

University students to be able to study English online for free

Students will be able to take online courses offered by the Open University in accordance with the level of English required by the academic institution - from a pre-basic level to an advanced level.


‘אֶלְבִּיט מַעֲרָכוֹת’

elbit systems

[illustrative photo]

Teenage boys arrested for alleged sexual assault of 13-year-old girl, circulating video of incident

Arrests come after young girl's parents notified police of assault, video; alleged assault took place at Carmiel shopping center.

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