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Tikkun Olam: The American Israeli Summer School Set to Open in the Heart of Angola

  Jewish teachers from Israel and  the U.S will travel to Angola to teach English as part of a collaboration between TALMA, The Israel Program for Excellence in English and the Menomadin Foundation.

TALMA: Strengthening Israel through English education

The Israeli Program for Excellence in English has led a revolution in English proficiency for students in Israel’s periphery, and brought thousands of English-language educators to Israel.

New Israeli-American summer camp opening in the Berkshires

A new Camp Kimama called "Half Moon" will open this summer in the Berkshires, Massachusetts.  


Record 2,000 diaspora teachers apply to teach English in Israel

In previous years, TALMA averaged 600-1,000 teachers, though this year, over 2,000 teachers were accepted.

English teachers trained as unofficial Israel ambassadors

The COVID pandemic created a need for new goodwill ambassadors who could travel.


Students from Israel, Ben-Gurion's hometown in Poland do joint project

Despite the great distance between the two schools, they still teamed up to teach students about leadership inspired by the work of Israel's first prime minister.

The program helps children fill their lonely pandemic days in a constructive manner

English lessons continue throughout Israel despite geographical barriers

Following a successful pilot scheme in the summer of 2020, the project took off in September and has been growing at an amazing pace.

Can Wordeep’s AI Make Non-natives Speak Like Native English Speakers?

John drove on his car. They ride in the bus. For someone who does not speak English perfectly, the first two sentences might seem just fine.


The Anglo angle

“If we can inspire kids to be interested in the English language, if I can give them knowledge of letters and sounds and words, that’s a step,” Hochberger says.

'Making a signifcant impact on children's lives': Masa Israel Teaching Fellowship participants

Ambitions as a Masa teaching fellow

Why volunteer in this country in particular?

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