Live Now: Does Globalization bring world closer together or farther apart?

Boris Mints Institute webinar addressing the challenges of Globalization

Globalization Challenges
In 2021, the world has become interconnected as never before. The interdependence of the world’s economies, cultures, and population, together with the explosive growth of the internet as a medium of communication and commerce, has brought the world closer than ever. Yet, globalization has created a host of challenges confronting modern society, including economic inequality, increased fragility of democratic institutions, the rise of authoritarian regimes, the need to improve social welfare and justice, and the challenges both of preventing and treating pandemics in an interconnected world. 
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On May 27, at 17:00 Israel time, 10:00 EST, and 15:00 UK time, the Boris Mints Institute at Tel-Aviv University will present a special webinar, ‘The Challenges of Globalization  – Where do we go from here?’ featuring world-renowned economists and social scientists from Israel, the United States, and the United Kingdom, who will discuss economic issues in the 21st century, and the sustainability and future of democratic institutions. 
A group of distinguished speakers, including Prof. Manuel Trajtenberg, Head of the Institute for National Security Studies, Tel-Aviv University; Dr. Nadine Baudot-Trajtenberg, Former Deputy Governor of the Bank of Israel; Prof. Anat Admati, Stanford University Graduate School of Business; Prof. Itai Sened, Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences, Tel-Aviv University; Prof. Simon Hix, Professor of Political Science and Pro-Director, London School of Economics; and Prof. John Carey, Dartmouth College will provide new perspectives and fresh analysis of these subjects.
The Boris Mints Institute is a part of the School of Social and Policy Studies at Tel Aviv University in Ramat Aviv and was founded by Dr. Boris Mints in 2015 to encourage research, planning, and innovative thinking in order to promote a significant positive change in the world. The Institute focuses on delivering detailed strategic blueprints for implementation to decision-makers worldwide, based on research conducted by the finest researchers and students in five research labs: Inequality, Renewable Energy, Sustainable Development, Water, and Conflict Resolution. The Boris Mints Institute also awards the annual Boris Mints Prize – a $100,000 award to academics helping to solve strategic global challenges. 
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