Marketing associate of the month: Bank Hapoalim’s Asaf Azulay

Marketing Association selects Asaf Azulay, head of marketing for Bank Hapoalim as the Marketing Associate of the Month

Asaf Azulay (photo credit: LENS PRODUCTIONS)
Asaf Azulay
(photo credit: LENS PRODUCTIONS)
Asaf Azulay, head of marketing for Bank Hapoalim, was selected as the December 2019 Marketing Associate of the Month by Israel’s Marketing Association. He received the award because of the strategic decisions he has made in his role at Bank Hapoalim, helping to make bran the bank as young and innovative. 
Specifically, in less than two years, Azulay has outlined a new marketing approach for the bank through which he has succeeded in positioning it as modern, young and relevant brand that has made major strides in the realms of ecommerce and new technology. Furthermore, the brand now better relates to its customers, especially the younger generation, Azulay has already laid the strong foundation needed for Bank Hapoalim to compete in the banking area in the coming years. 
Azulay's new strategic approach was based on three principles: 
One: To fit into the lives of its younger customers by marketing brand value propositions, such as easing life, improving processes that are often perceived as complex and meeting the need for  convenient and simple bank
Two: Being first to offer quality as a value proposition
Three: Breaking the paradigm that banks must speak in a serious “banker” tone, and instead communicating with a “wink” and humor
Marketing Associate of the Month is a well-known and important honor with the Marketing Association. The winner is selected by the association’s marketing committee, which has about 15 people representing various industries and categories who judge the nominees.