Rabbi Pinto in his weekly class: Make decisions, don't stay in doubt

During his weekly class, Rabbi Pinto expounded on the idea that there is no bigger joy than the dismissal of doubt and praised thos e who can make decisions.

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To buy an apartment or rent it? To live in the center near your parents or in the suburbs where it's cheaper? To stay at your job or to switch?

Again we are debating. And again, we are suffering. And then we consult. We drag the whole family and our friends through the saga of inquiries. Again we face the fear that the decision will not be the correct one.

"Every day, we all have to make dozens of decisions and hundreds if not thousands in our lifetime, some more significant and some less," explained Shuva Israel leader Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto in his weekly class.

"For so many people, the importance of deciding on one option creates great suffering and causes a feeling of frustration, and sometimes even suffering and distress.

The Talmud states: 'There is no joy like the dismissal of doubt.' Doubt is the most challenging thing. But for many of us, it's a complex task."

Rabbi Pinto states that we need to get stronger and make decisions, despite the difficulty. "Don't leave room for doubt. Make a decision. Even if you're mistaken, it's better than stepping through the realm of doubt.

If you don't act, you won't make a mistake. Make decisions, make mistakes, act, and repair. This is our purpose in this world: To make decisions, to act, and to fix the world. If we make a mistake, we can always fix it."

This article was written in cooperation with Shuva Israel