Rabbi Pinto: “It is dangerous to chase after your impulse desires; live with purpose”

Make a clear plan- Rabbi Pinto. Eng. E04

In a talk with his students, Rabbi Pinto explained that it’s dangerous to live by impulse. “A person needs to live with a set purpose”.

The leader of Shuva Israel, Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto, talked with his students during one of his recent classes and explained the importance of living with a set purpose and not by random urges.

“A famous person entered a train and bought a ticket,” Rabbi Pinto began his parable, “The conductor entered and inspected all o,f the passengers’ tickets, but when he gets to the famous person, he couldn’t find his ticket. The conductor says: ‘I don’t suspect you got on without a ticket.' The famous person replies: ‘I’m looking for my ticket so I can remember where I’m going since I’ve lost my way.’”

Rabbi Pinto turned to his students and said: “People are always running. The daily hassle brings them so many challenges that they end up losing their goal. And then the hardships come, and the random urges, and we follow them.

Rabbi Pinto explained: “It is dangerous to live by impulse. We need to ask ourselves what our purpose is, to point it out, to point out goals that we want to reach, and live by them. This is the right way live.”

This article was written in cooperation with Shuva Israel