Have you ever made a mistake and as a result, you’re eating your heart out?

In the Admor Rebbe Yoshiyahu Pinto’s lessons, broadcast to thousands across the social networks, the Rebbe offers practical advice on life and opens a window to the study of the Jewish soul.

By Haim Lavie

'Organized Jewish Life': Your guide for when you need to 'do Jewish' - review

Organized Jewish Life: The Essential Guide for Planning Jewish Holidays, Events and Every Day is a practical guide to living a Jewish life.

We must help children build their characters by prescribing fun - opinion

Engaging in age-appropriate games, children acquire the social skills, confidence, empathy and joy necessary to become mature adults.

Mars Perseverance rover finds organic molecules that could indicate life

New findings could indicate an environment hospitable for life was once on the Red Planet, but more research is needed.


Memoirs: Sometimes it's important to look back and not just forward

We mustn't forget our pasts, and it is important to pass them on to our children and grandchildren.

Every person has their own preciousness - opinion

Creating positive change is an expression of some people's Jewish values.


Reincarnation: What is it, what does Judaism say about it? - explainer

Reincarnation is a belief that the soul is reborn in a new body and identity after death. Some religions believe in it and it is in Kabbalah, and some claim Anne Frank was reincarnated.


How many ants are crawling on Earth? Scientists say 20 quadrillion

Researchers have made the most thorough assessment to date of the global population of ants—insects that have colonized almost everywhere on the planet.


Meet the woman helping Israelis be less afraid of dying

Shira Chernoble works as a death doula. Just as a birth doula guides the birthing process, a death doula guides the process of dying. 

Introducing the diet that can lengthen your lifespan

Everyone who goes on a diet does it to lose weight, but what if as a bonus you can also prolong your life?

By Walla!
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