Good deeds and support: Rabbi Pinto takes Paris by storm

  (photo credit: CHAIM COHEN)
(photo credit: CHAIM COHEN)

Over 500 people gathered on Monday in Paris for Shuva Israel leader Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto's central lecture. Next to Rabbi Pinto sat his son and successor, Rabbi Yoel Pinto.

The lecture, which attracted many Jews from different areas of Paris, was dedicated in memory of Ilan Shlomo Fadida OBM, who was one of the founders of Shuva Israel and a close confidant of Rabbi Pinto. Ilan passed away suddenly this year, and hundreds gathered yesterday in his memory.

  (credit: CHAIM COHEN) (credit: CHAIM COHEN)

In his lecture, Rabbi Pinto discussed the complexities that plague the world nowadays, earthquakes and wars, and said, " Whoever protects the pure jar of oil will be saved from all evil. Whoever is dedicated to being close to Torah and spreading Torah in the world - will know no evil. Whoever will be tied through love to kindness and giving has no reason to fear." 

One particularly moving moment of the lecture was when Rabbi Pinto abruptly paused and asked the crowd to take on a good deed in memory of Ilan Shlomo ben Nissim Fadida PBUH. The room went silent for two minutes, and every one of the hundreds of participants took a good deed upon themselves.  

"Now is a favorable moment in heaven," Rabbi Pinto said, "G-d sees how hundreds of Jews in Paris came to be strengthened and enlightened. Such sanctification of G-d's name. Such satisfaction for G-d. This certainly raises the deceased's soul to a higher level in heaven," he added. 

After the lecture, the participants walked passed Rabbi Pinto, who blessed each one personally and gave them advice and insight. Rabbi Pinto gave support to the Fadida family and praised their strength.

The Shuva Israel community, led by Rabbi Pinto, has grown in the past few years. Study halls, synagogues, Torah classes, and a giant kindness and charity system.

This article was written in cooperation with Shuva Israel