Rabbi Pinto in Cyprus: “The solution to terror - another new yeshiva.”

  (photo credit:  Chaim Cohen)
(photo credit: Chaim Cohen)

There were hundreds of Jewish residents of Cyprus in attendance at the Torah class delivered by the Admor Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto that took place last night (Wednesday) in Larnaca, as part of the continuing reinforecement campaign around the world, that included Morocco, Paris, and Israel in the last few days alone.

During the class, delivered at the central synagogue and attended by rabbis, public figures, businessmen, and the wider public, Rabbi Pinto referred to the shocking events rocking the world today, which are affecting Israel in particular, and said that the answer is to increase Torah and kindness in the world.

  (credit:  Chaim Cohen) (credit: Chaim Cohen)

“The solution to terror is to increase Torah and kindness. The Holy One Blessed be He wants each one of us to grow spiritually and get a little closer to Him,” said Rabbi Pinto in reference to the murderous attacks that have occurred in Israel, most notably the deadly ramming attack that occurred in the Ramot neighborhood of Jerusalem, killing two young children of the Pally family, and rabbinical student, Alter Shlomo Laderman, may their blood be avenged.

“With help from G-d, a new Shuva Israel yeshiva will soon be established in Cyprus, which will become a spiritual center of Torah for the Jewish residents and the Jews who come to Cyrus on business and for vacation. This is the answer to evil: another yeshiva; more people to read the Book of Deuteronomy on Shabbat; more kindness and help for the needy. This is the only way to suppress and put an end to it,” the Admor added.

Besides the class in Larnaca, the Admor Rabbi Pinto held additional classes and received a wide audience who came for advice, insights, and blessings. Among them were Israeli and local businessmen.

This evening (Thursday), Rabbi Pinto will be arriving in Israel and will deliver a principal class with thousands in attendance, at the Shuva Yeshiva hall at 34 Shevet Binyamin Street, Ashdod. Thereafter, Rabbi Pinto will distribute wine for kiddush, blessings, and redemption. The women’s section will be opened and huge screens will be erected in the courtyard.

This article was written in cooperation with Shuva Israel