“I don’t have money”: The words that can ruin our lives 

In a class to his students, Rabbi Pinto explained that when someone lies, they can make reality bleak, which harms their soul and behavior.

  (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)

We aren’t always comfortable with telling the truth. People come and try to ask for charity, and we, at times, blurt out: “I don’t have money”, although your bank account is quite full.

During a class with his students, Shuva Israel leader Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto explained that when someone tells lies, they can make their reality bleak, which harms their soul and behavior. 

“Man’s head is the brain which works like an advanced machine. When someone lies and says, ‘I’m sick’ and isn’t really sick. ‘I’m poor’ but isn’t really poor; he says something that isn’t true. The brain recives the order ‘I’m sick’ and gives off signals that they’re sick.”

Rabbi Pinto added and explained: “When someone says ‘I don’t have money’, the brain sends signals that they don’t have money. This includes sadness, anxiety, fear, and a lack of a clear and sharp mind. The brain can’t tell what’s true or not. The brain gives orders for man’s moods according to what he says.”

Rabbi Pinto concluded his life lesson by stating: “Therefore ‘He who guards his mouth and tongue – is protected from his soul’s afflictions.’ This means that when man watches his mouth, he protects himself from bad situations, anxiety, and depression. If you watched your mouth, you prevented quite a few potential problems.”

This article was written in cooperation with Shuva Israel