Magen David Adom Director-General Deeply Moved by Rabbis Pinto’s Torah Class

  (photo credit:  David Cohen)
(photo credit: David Cohen)

Director-General of MDA, Eli Bin, surprised those present at Rabbi Pinto’s Torah class in Tel Aviv and spoke of his deliverance, thanks to Rabbi Pinto. Rabbi Pinto delivered approximately 30 Torah classes in less than three days during his visit to Israel.

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The Admor Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto’s visit to Israel, which included a non-stop marathon of Torah classes throughout the country and the reception of thousands of students for blessings and advice, continues to resound among the community. 

Rabbi Pinto arrived in Israel for a celebration of Moshe Rabbeinu, may peace be upon him, whose passing is commemorated on 7 Adar. The special event was marked by a gathering with his students for a special event at the Tel Aviv home of Rabbi Pinto’s close student and acclaimed businessman, Asi Guetta.

The seventh of Adar is an exceptionally important day for the Shuva Israel community, which is headed by Rabbi Pinto. On this day, Rabbi Pinto expounds on the merits of studying the Book of Deuteronomy on Shabbat, which reflects the will of Moses.

During the class, Rabbi Pinto appealed to everyone to continue increasing their reading of the Book of Deuteronomy and to expand its circle of readers, which has so far reached one million Jews worldwide.

Rabbi Pinto also urged the people to strengthen their daily learning of the Zohar. “My beloved son, Rabbi Yoel, who is a holy of holies, has instilled the daily study of the Zohar in thousands. On 25 Elul, the day the world was created, a myriad of people gathered for the conclusion of one thousand books of the Zohar, and with G-d’s help, next year on 25 Elul, we will have concluded ten thousand books of the Zohar,” Rabbi Pinto declared.

  (credit:  David Cohen) (credit: David Cohen)

He applauded his student, Asi Guetta, the host, and said that he is “a man who has dedicated his life to Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai, and the study of thousands of holy books of the Zohar is credited to him.” Rabbi Pinto continued, saying that “also at present, he has devoted his soul for thousands to receive kimcha depischa, food baskets for Passover. And as Rabbi Yoel has established, there will be a distribution of 10,000 baskets filled to the brim with good things for the needy.”

During the course of the class, an emotional moment was recorded when the director-general of Magen David Adom, Eli Bin, who was among those in attendance, requested the honour to speak. He explained at length how his appointment as MDA director-general was due to Rabbi Pinto and whose blessings have brought about miracles for him. View here.

This article was written in cooperation with Shuva Israel