Here’s How to Make Good Friends for Life

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Man is a social creature and he has to invest and make sacrifices to have good friends, Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto stated in his most recent talk in Morocco. "A person should look for a society, friends and a learning partner that is appropriate for him. He also has to invest in maintaining his friendship with them."

Rabbi Pinto added: "A person shouldn’t say, 'I am a good person and people have to treat me right.' A person cannot sit and complain all day, 'He insulted me, she didn't tell me, he didn't listen to me, she didn't help me.' No. If you won't be good to your friends ― how do you expect them to be good to you?"

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He explained: "King David says in Psalms, 'God is your shadow.' The Holy One, blessed be He, is like a shadow. If you are a good person ‒ everyone will be good to you. If you behave in the right way ‒ good will come your way. If you treat others badly but think everyone has to treat you well - it's a problem."

"You have to be a good person. You should treat everyone well, shouldn’t gossip or cause strife, and should increase unconditional love between people," Rabbi Pinto continued. "To the degree you unconditionally love people - unconditional love will rebound back to you. But if you cause strife between people and enflame people in controversy with each other, it will boomerang on you badly."

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