Heart-touching: Rabbi Pinto visits his great-grandfather Baba Sali's grave

  (photo credit: Shuva Israel)
(photo credit: Shuva Israel)

About a thousand people participated in Rabbi Pinto's class in Netivot. Rabbi Pinto: "Strengthen yourselves in your love of your fellow Jew and run away from strife". Today: a visit to the RIF Heritage - Shuva Israel charity compound in Ashdod.

In the midst of his visit to Israel, Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto, the leader of Shuva Israel communities, arrived Monday night to pray at the grave of the holy Baba Sali, Rabbi Israel Abuchatzeira, in the city of Netivot.

Rabbi Pinto is the great-grandson of Baba Sali, the grandson of his eldest son Rabbi Meir Abuchatzeira. Rabbi Pinto was accompanied by his son and disciple Rabbi Yoel Pinto.

After concluding prayers at the shrine in Netivot, Rabbi Pinto was received with honor and enthusiastic singing in the Vered L’David Synagogue hall in the city where about a thousand people awaited him.

After singing piyyutim and religious songs, Rabbi Pinto spoke about the special potential of the days of Passover. He quoted the sages, "There are two holy nights in a year. The night of Yom Kippur when one can repent out of fear of God and the Seder night when one can repent out of love of God."

Rabbi Pinto explained: "During Passover, heaven determines whether a person will be fated to experience miracles above nature or God forbid, not. Everyone should properly prepare for Passover and revitalize himself."

  (credit: Shuva Israel) (credit: Shuva Israel)

In addition, Rabbi Pinto called on everyone to strengthen himself in his love of his fellow Jew and help the indigent. "Our reality is that we need miracles every day. This is the time to increase our love for everyone and stay away from strife as if it was a conflagration."

Today, Rabbi Pinto is expected to visit the huge RIF Heritage charity compound run by Shuva Israel, where more than 15,000 food baskets for needy families are being filled with Passover groceries.

This article was written in cooperation with Shuva Israel