The ‘Hilula” for Baba Meir: the Breslavian influencer has arrived at the residence of Rabbi Pinto

  (photo credit: DAVID COHEN)
(photo credit: DAVID COHEN)

Yesterday, the Jewish world marked the 40th anniversary of the passing of Rabbi Meir Abuhatzeira - the "Baba Meir" - may his righteous memory be a blessing. His grandson, the the ‘Admor’ Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto, marked the anniversary of the death and gave a Torah lesson in his memory, at his residence in the Moroccan capital city of Rabat.

Rabbi Pinto enjoyed a special closeness with his grandfather, Baba Meir of blessed memory, and during the ‘Hilula’ Rabbi Pinto talked about his particular greatness, his holiness, and how he had strived with learning the Torah around the clock.

The ‘Hilula’ at the home of Rabbi Pinto was also attended by the famous Breslavian influencer, Rav Mota Frank, who is currently staying in Morocco. Rabbi Pinto praised Rav Frank for the great redemption and blessed him with salvation and good luck.

  (credit: DAVID COHEN) (credit: DAVID COHEN)

In addition, Rabbi Pinto also noted the ‘Hilula’ for Rabbi Aaron from Karlin - may his righteous memory be a blessing - the anniversary of whose death is today; and in his words he talked about innovations and Torah in his memory.

Rabbi Pinto arrived in Morocco from New York, where he had spent the first holiday of Passover. Rabbi Pinto celebrated the Seder night while he was surrounded by his students, who came to bask in his presence.

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