The extraordinary spiritual power of reading the torah section of Balak

  (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)

This coming Shabbat, we will read the Torah section of Balak in the synagogue. It is one of the most important Torah sections as well as containing amazing spiritual powers. Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto explains that this is why they read this Torah section every Tuesday in the Shuva Israel yeshiva.

Rabbi Pinto explained what is its unique spiritual power: Our holy rabbis say that if someone or a group of people are planning to do harm to a person and that person reads the Torah section of Balak, God will cancel all the schemes and conspiracies plotted against him just as He did for the Israelites. The person doesn’t even have to know what is being plotted against him.

The Israelites had no idea what Balak and Balaam were planning against them. Balak and Balaam stood near the Israelite camp like old-timers gawking at new neighbors who had suddenly moved in. Balak and Balaam were moving from place to place and offering sacrifices while the Israelites had no clue what they were conspiring. They tried time after time to curse the Israelites and bring destruction upon them. But God saved the Israelites from the plan of Balak and Balaam without them even knowing what was happening and without them even praying and asking for mercy and salvation.

If there are people planning to harm a person, he will be saved if he reads the Torah section of Balak. It cancels all the schemes, evil counsel, sinister thoughts and bad outcomes being planned against a person. Everything is overturned and nullified, and will not come to fruition. The Torah section of Balak can overcome any harmful force targeting a person, and the more one delves deeply into this Torah section, the more assistance one receives from God. 

A person should make it his practice to seriously study the Torah section of Balak once a week on a regular basis. Who can know if there is a person sitting at the end of the world plotting evil against him, seeking to harm his livelihood, his freedom, his well-being or his family? By reading the Torah section of Balak, all the schemes and evil things plotted against a person will come to naught. 

The person won’t even know what miracles happened to him or which evil things they intended to do to him when G-d saves him.

This article was written in cooperation with Shuva Israel