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A special invitation from the editor-in-chief:

2012 is set to be a crucial year, not just for the United States and Israel, but for the world in general.

A year after the historic changes brought about by the Arab Spring, the Middle East is undergoing a huge transformation, the US is bracing for a dramatic presidential election, the global economy is in turmoil and Israel is facing enormous challenges on all fronts. How will all this affect the close relationship between Jerusalem and Washington, and what impact might it have on Jewish communities around the world?

Ahead of The Jerusalem Post's 80th birthday in December 2012, the first annual Jerusalem Post Conference will be held to address these issues. It will feature speeches by and panel discussions with prominent personalities from Israel and the US, as well as Jerusalem Post editors, reporters and columnists.

This is a unique opportunity to attend what promises to be an exciting one-day conference on April 29 at one of New York's finest hotels, and get the inside story from Israel at an event hosted by the top Jewish newspaper in the world.

Steve Linde

The Jerusalem Post