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A sampling of the best design and home decor stores.

Stardust memories (photo credit: Courtesy)
Stardust memories
(photo credit: Courtesy)
Stardust memoriesOne of the sweetest stores in Neveh Tzedek is Stardust. Being in the store makes you feel like you are in New York’s Soho.Jasmin Negrin opened a place that is designed like a deli, but instead of food you have clothes, jewelry and more.Stardust is reminiscent of her childhood. Her designs are inspired by the urban chic of Tel Aviv and her travels with her mother, renowned designer Michal Negrin, to antique markets around the world.Jasmin’s collection is pleasantly urban, colorful, glamorous and, most of all, fun. The fabrics are printed with pop art graphics that evoke Japanese culture, as well as her life in Tel Aviv. Stardust has charming accessories to complement any fashion item in the store.59 Shabazi St., Tel Aviv
Many years of traveling around North Africa and finding her Moroccan roots inspired Aisha Boni to open the Aisha gallery in Jaffa. She and her partner Iris Azar collect beautiful items such as lamps, furniture, crafts, textiles, vases, plates, bags, bangles and spa products.The gallery is located in a lovely space in an old Jaffa building, which is the ideal environment in which to display the rich, colorful collection of handicrafts so typical of Morocco. The combination of contemporary items and antique artifacts tells a fascinating story of the hands that crafted the artistic pieces.12 Yeffet St., Jaffa
Take KareThe international Kare chain opened its first store in Israel in the historic building of Dubek. Twice a year Kare offers new collections of the latest trends in the world of design. Its slogan is “More taste than money.”In its collection there is a wide variety of items such as furniture, carpets, frames and vases in limited editions to ensure personal design for each customer.
The store’s thousands of items are divided into 12 design styles such as White diva, Colonial, Rock star, Naturel glam, Pop art and Ibiza.
Tali’s showroomInterior designer Tali Sabbag has opened a new showroom. She decided to take a step forward and open a showroom where customers can experience home style and design in a magnificent atmosphere. She brought together furniture, decorative pieces and exquisite items she collected in Europe and put them all together, combined with a pleasant atmosphere. The showroom represents Tali’s vision of how a house should look. The total look, including furniture, carpets, lights, scents and colors, reflects her two areas of expertise – interior design and home decor.
18 Ahad Ha’am St., Tel Aviv
Art and antiquesThe Illy and Hillel Gallery is located in a 1917 building that was a branch of the “bundle package” sewing workshop. The gallery offers artwork, antique furniture, collectibles, etc. The gallery also has a small cafe where you can take a relaxing break from shopping over a cup of tea or coffee or a glass of wine.23 Lilienblum St., Tel Aviv