Gifted kitchens

This year’s hits for the Seder night cook.

Pots and pans 311 (photo credit: Courtesy)
Pots and pans 311
(photo credit: Courtesy)
The Midas touch
Neoflam present a new cooking set in time for Pessah. The new and innovative “Midas” set adds speed and health to the cooking experience with the ceramic, lightweight aluminum cast pots with “spider” bottoms for speedier and better conductivity, ergonomic handles, Ecolon coating made from eco-friendly materials that allow for using 50% less oil than Teflon, is easier to clean and is more resistant to scratches. The five-piece set includes a 24- cm. sauteuse in pink, a 28-cm. light-blue pan with a plastic cover, glass top and a universal handle.
NIS 479, at the Neoflam shop, Rehov Nahalat Binyamin 113, Tel Aviv, and specialty stores. (03) 511-4151.
Cutting edge
A new set of “Berox” Israeli chef’s knives by Lublinsky is not only doing the job but doing it in style. The knives are decorated with a special technique that allows for the design to be embedded in the steel allowing for longevity. There are four different designs in the new series, but the company says its technique allows for endless designs that can also be personalized. Putting design issues aside, it is a very good chef’s knife that will make any cook very happy.
Berox Design, NIS 249 at all specialty stores.
Plane but not simple
The Rosoling company presents a new line of colorful graters by the American company Microplane. All the graters are made from stainless steel and have an ergonomic handle, super-sharp blades designed for grating vegetables, spices, roots, hard cheeses and chocolate easily.
NIS 89 at specialty shops Spices, 4 chef, Laga’at ba’ochel, and more., (03) 518-8871.
Keeping it hot
How come no one thought of this before? The new Thermal serving pots keep food hot for five hours. You can cook hours before your guests arrive, and the food will stay hot even if they are late. You can even cook for Shabbat and have the food hot without using a hot plate, or use it when bringing food to family dinners, picnics and parties. The outer layer of the pots is made from plastic with insulating foam in the middle and stainless steel inside, allowing for safe and easy handling. All sizes, from 3.5 liters up to 10 liters, have screw-on thermal tops and can be used for serving as well.
NIS 139 to NIS 280,, and at Rehov Habanim 50, Hod Hasharon.
The French way
Pyrex has been a leading brand in cookware since 1915. In fact, there was a time when every couple that got married in Israel received enough Pyrex cookware as presents to last them a lifetime. The new line from the French company is called Cook & Store, and it is perfect for the holidays.
The dishes, all made from durable borosilicate glass, are good for use from minus 40º up to 300º, can be transferred directly from fridge to oven, and now come with matching green plastic lids that make them great for storing cooked and baked foods too. The glass is scratchproof, easy to clean and does not absorb scents. There are nine different dishes in the new series, including round, square and elongated ones with prices ranging from NIS 49.90 to NIS 79.90 each. Available in the Hamashbir Latzarchan stores and other leading chains.