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In lieu of reproductions of masterpieces, the new trend in interior design is digital photographs printed on high-quality materials.

Interior design (photo credit: Eliad Yahalom)
Interior design
(photo credit: Eliad Yahalom)
The photographs taken by internationally renowned artist/photographer Eliad Yahalom immortalize exciting moments, which he transforms into printed images on high-quality materials.
These images can turn any home or office space into something truly unique. It is no surprise that leading architects and interior designers are captivated by Yahalom’s magic.
In architecture today, it is imperative for professionals to offer designs that resonate with a client’s individual taste. Following the standard is no longer enough; current trends demand uniqueness and the integration of personal style.
Digital photography is the new trend, and displaying reproductions of artwork from the past is passé. Today, people are displaying works by artists that express their personal taste and desires. They want specialized artwork that they know will not turn up on their neighbors’ walls.
“The field of digital photography has opened up unlimited possibilities,” says Yahalom.
“The ability to digitally alter a photograph allows us to integrate the magical moments of a changing reality. In essence, we are bringing a reality into our homes that speaks to our hearts.”
As a child, Yahalom traveled around the world with his parents. Now, as an adult, he continues to seek out places he’s never been to. When he takes a picture, he looks for the story behind the scene, for the meaning of what he sees. This leads to the creation of an emotional work of art that is imbued with beauty and makes a personal statement.
Yahalom carefully chooses the subjects of his photographs.
He then transforms his feelings for the things he sees through the lens into beautiful photographs.
Each picture captures a special moment. It tells an intriguing story and empowers the fleeting moment. It turns reality into a personal and precious piece of art.
Yahalom’s most recent photographs were taken during a trip that spanned Italy, China, the US, Switzerland, France, the Philippines and Israel. His photographs are printed on acrylic glass, Swiss canvas and German wallpaper. He chooses his materials carefully, which ensures that his prints are of the highest quality.
He creates his sharp, high-quality prints by using pigments with the manufacturer’s warranty. By printing on acrylic glass, he is able to achieve the illusion of floating glass, which gives the photograph the feeling of luxury mixed with a harmonious, ethereal feel.
Recently, Yahalom visited one of the most crowded train stations in the world that is renowned for its architecture.
“I went inside and looked for a quiet corner. I stood behind two poles and looked straight ahead. I felt such deep inner quiet, while the crowds of people surrounding me looked like ants,” he says.
Yahalom works closely with leading architects and interior designers, who use his works to complement their upscale projects. His photographs have a powerful presence and are full of depth and color. These compositions create a sense of empathy and intimacy, making them an ideal addition to any office or home. They exhibit a great affinity for contemporary aesthetics and modern design.
Photos: Courtesy of Eliad Yahalom
Translated by Hannah Hochner