Oh! Yullia

A visit to a new luxury beauty salon in Ra’anana was a real treat.

Whatever you choose to do, you will be made to feel welcome. (photo credit: Courtesy)
Whatever you choose to do, you will be made to feel welcome.
(photo credit: Courtesy)
It’s hard to translate the Hebrew word “pinuk,” as there isn’t an exact equivalent in English. In essence, it means pampering yourself, giving yourself a treat, or self-indulgence. But if you want a practical demonstration of the true meaning of pinuk, visit the Yullia salon in Ra’anana for a manicure or pedicure, and you will know exactly what it means.
Yullia is a chain of beauty salons with several branches in Tel Aviv, and has now branched out to the suburbs, choosing Ra’anana for its high concentration of Anglos and women in general who know how to spoil themselves.
A session at Yullia is an experience you are not likely to forget in a hurry. If it were not for the vivid colors of the bottles of nail polish lining the walls and the soft music in the air, the place exudes an almost clinical air. White walls and fixtures, white marble floors and all the nurses – sorry – manicurists are dressed in pristine white.
When Natalia donned a surgical mask and rubber gloves to tend to my nails, I did wonder if I had fallen asleep and woken up in an operating room. But the American Comfort chair in which I was reclining soon put paid to that image. It’s a massage and exercise chair and not just a place to sit. It comes with a panel of buttons so you can pick the kind of massage you want. I tried them all during the course of my treatment, and I can tell you they feel wonderful. Also, since they replicate the hands of a live masseur, you really feel that you are getting a proper massage.
You can direct the action to any part of your back and can select all kinds of different movements – kneading and knocking to name just two choices.
The client in the chair next to me left her massage on during the entire treatment, but I occasionally gave myself a rest from the constant back prodding, as it is quite intensive.
There is also a device that you can lay across the back of your neck, which simulates hot stones.
Natalia worked for some time on my hands and applied gel lacquer on my nails, which is supposed to last for two weeks without chipping. It was a delightful experience, and I ended up with my nails looking the best they ever have.
Upstairs there is an identical salon, with the same chairs and accessories, but with curtains for privacy if needed.
This area has been designated for religious women who do not want to undergo the intimacy required for a pedicure or manicure in front of other people.
Prices range from NIS 59 for a 15-minute “on the move” manicure to NIS 189 for the gel manicure that I had. Pedicures range from NIS 69 to NIS 259 for a spa medical pedicure, which includes peeling and hot paraffin dip. Or you can take care of hands and feet at the same time for NIS 278.
Waxing and eyebrow shaping are also offered at the Ra’anana branch. Whatever you choose to do, you will be made to feel welcome.
The writer was a guest of the salon.
Yullia 37 Ahuza Street, Ra’anana Tel: 1-700-707-606