Scent of the Roberto Cavalli woman

"She is a positive person, cheerful, joyful, confident, has glamor in her veins, is a master of her own destiny," Cavalli says.

roberto cavalli_370 (photo credit: Courtesy)
roberto cavalli_370
(photo credit: Courtesy)
Designer Roberto Cavalli is launching a new feminine fragrance for a certain kind of woman. “I have a woman in mind when I design: she is a positive person, cheerful, joyful, confident, has glamor in her veins, is a master of her own destiny. I love women who are independent and free, strong-willed and stubborn. A strong personality is the sexiest thing to me,” he says. Some women just wait to be noticed. The Roberto Cavalli woman does not go unnoticed. Some women wait for the world to move them. She moves the world and makes heads turn.
Some women wait to be tamed. She is uncontrollable.
She has a feline grace and the energy of a rebellious creature.
Her presence becomes an event. Her life is a stage on which she performs with glamor and charisma. Sexy and sophisticated, she turns her excesses into elegance. She is an enchanting woman who inspires the creator and enables him to imagine the silhouette and the motifs of a fragrance that dresses a woman like a fabric.
She is the Roberto Cavalli woman. The Roberto Cavalli perfume belongs to the amber floral family. It is an exuberant and sunny fragrance whose top notes, tinged with pink peppers, exude genuine strength of character. Vibrant and sensual, it exhilarates and mesmerizes from the very first contact. At the heart of the Roberto Cavalli perfume, one finds all the majesty of the essence of orange blossom. It is a color as much as a scent that reveals an ultra-feminine trail and leaves no one indifferent. This sensuality wraps itself into the captivating base notes of the tonka bean that leaves an appetizing imprint on the skin... essentially addictive.
Louise Turner, perfumer at Givaudan, created the Roberto Cavalli signature fragrance.
The artistic line of the Roberto Cavalli per- fume bottle reflects the curves of a sensual woman. The solid glass base evokes the strength and power of its character. Crowned by a tiara-shaped cap formed by Roberto Ca- valli’s golden seal, the bottle is adorned with a tiger print necklace reminiscent of its creator’s em- blematic animal prints. The bottle slides into a golden case enhanced with flamboyant reflections. Roberto Cavalli’s stamp is printed in relief on the front.
The case is shaped like a seamed sheath dress with a turquoise hip belt, typical of the unique color work offered by the Florentine fash- ion house for more than 40 years.
In the ad for the fragrance, the scene takes place in a sumptuous residence, lighting up the summer night. A woman pushes aside dreams and succumbs to desire. She is an entrancing woman who attracts and holds the attention of all. Her silky skin captures the heat and retains the light. She has a feline step, the regal grace of a tiger. Silk dresses her, gold adorns her neck, and the perfume transports her. Her dress covers and uncovers her, preceding and following her like a wave.
Wherever she goes, the party is exciting. Heat is in the air. Life becomes a show. She makes a spectacular entrance, and suddenly there is only her. She captures the attention of everyone around her. Her personality fascinates as much as her beauty.
Elisa Sednaoui naturally embodies the Roberto Cavalli woman, this indomitable woman on whom all eyes are focused. Her feline eyes, her elegance and artistic talent express themselves in fashion, film and music, making her a very special woman.
Sednaoui is the image of the Roberto Cavalli perfume in an ad campaign directed by Johan Renck (film) and Steven Klein (photography).