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Astrology for the week of JUNE 6, 2014

astrology (photo credit: yael yitzchaki)
(photo credit: yael yitzchaki)
TIP FOR THE WEEK: The need for security and fulfillment will follow you throughout the week and this is the perfect time for enjoying being surrounded by familiar people and objects.
MAY 21-JUNE 21
This is definitely not the week for relying on luck where money and financial matters are concerned.
You have many wonderful ideas and need to take the time to work out all the intricate details before you get too excited. As the days go by you will work out a series of questions and begin to discover the answers. Not all memories from your past are negative or stressful, and lately you have begun remembering some joyous events which helped you to become the person you are today.
HINT: A meeting with an Aquarius will be electric, exciting and exactly what you need.
A natural born ‘nester’ you are always ready to put aside your own needs in order to pamper and make life easier for those you love. This week you will have the opportunity to finally do something which will bring you personal satisfaction. Don’t feel guilty! It’s time you put your own name at the top of the list. After months of careful spending you are now in a position to make arrangements for a trip abroad or for some major home improvements.
HINT: This is the week for all forms of communication, be they oral or written.
Feeling rather sensitive this week you may be easily upset or insulted by the seeming lack of tact by a family member or very close friend.
You can either explain your feelings or simply walk away…the choice is yours. Holding a grudge is a complete waste of time and gives the other person too much power. Monday and Tuesday you will find that the more contact you have with your partner and/or mate, the more you really enjoy spending time with this person.
HINT: Although your spare time is limited, try to find the space to work on a special project you have in mind.
Sometimes silence is not enough and needs to be broken by a simple apology.
You may feel you are right but have you really taken the other person’s feelings into account? Once you think about it you may discover that you added a level of tension that was unnecessary even though it felt good at the time. Time spent in the company of a Cancer is just what you need in order to expand the way you look at things.
HINT: Money and finances are never a source of great stress, as you are always cautious of your bank balance.
However, that being said, this week you may have to put out more money than you had anticipated.
This is the week for settling down and catching up on some much needed rest. For weeks you have been working and travelling for both social as well as professional reasons and could use the time at home to get grounded and recharged.
Although you have an inherent need for peace and harmony, you may have to assert yourself when dealing with a person who is only concerned about themselves. It is time you established strong working boundaries with this person.
HINT: Try putting some money aside for a trip this summer which may cost you more than you had anticipated.
You have had the feeling for some time now that not only are you simply treading water, but that you are wasting precious time and energy along the way. The truth is that you are not only advancing in the right direction, but you are picking up important information and contacts along the way. Give yourself a little more time and you will not be sorry.
HINT: Your need for something new could involve a trip abroad, registering for a new course or two or perhaps beginning a new diet or physical exercise program.
Always ready to reach out and help someone in need has made you a well respected member of your community.
That, coupled with your sense of fair play, puts you in the position of being asked to coach or mediate with both friends and colleagues. This week is no exception but have no fear. You will know just how much to get involved and when to refer them to the experts. A conversation with an air sign could turn into an argument but will dissipate as quickly as it began as neither of you wish to jeopardize your relationship.
Space yourself and give yourself the room you need in order to find enough time to relax, unwind and get enough sleep. Your responsibilities are great but so is your need for balance in your life. As the weeks progress you will discover that not only is there a light at the end of the tunnel but it is getting bigger and brighter. Your relationship with an older member of your family is stronger than ever even though you don’t have nearly enough time to spend together.
HINT: People are attracted to you by your intelligence, your sense of justice and your natural optimism.
Try not to let your exhaustion keep you from seeing that the glass is not only half full but the goal you set over a year ago is not only within your reach, but is better than you had anticipated.
It will be the little things which bring you the greatest joy this week so be open to the gifts which are coming your way. By continuing to be frugal for the next few weeks you will have put aside the money you need for something special planned this coming summer.
HINT: Wednesday and Thursday are perfect days for socializing, so close up shop early and enjoy.
When in doubt, trust your intuition and you will not err. Not everyone who smiles in your direction is sincere or seriously concerned about your well-being. You know who your friends are and who you can trust, so ignore the others. Soon you will have the time and space you have been longing for in order to write your novel, plant your garden or simply travel and see a new part of the world.
HINT: Time spent with young members of your family will help put things into perspective. Here you can sit back and enjoy the result of the years you put into building a solid relationship with them.
Sparks may fly between yourself and your partner and/or mate and rather than get upset, understand that this is just what you both need to put some energy and excitement back into the relationship. The bottom line is that you both really care about each other and each other’s welfare. Many people approach you for either emotional or monetary help and sooner or later you are going to have to back away. Sooner is better than later. Don’t waste time bemoaning a difficult connection with a family member. You have done your best.
HINT: Talk to a Capricorn if you want some good professional advice.
This is definitely not the week for any major strict regime as you will find it extremely difficult denying yourself right now. Nothing will happen if you pamper yourself and indulge for a change. The weekend is perfect for entertaining a small group of people from your office or colleagues you would like to know better. Time spent with a sibling will be entertaining, interesting and fun, so make plans to get together soon.
HINT: You may have questions as to which direction your wish your career to go, but this is not the time for making decisions. This is the time for learning, growing and building relationships.