STARCATCHER: Astrology for the week of April 29, 2011

TIP FOR THE WEEK: Take your time; accumulate information and check your options.

astrology (photo credit: yael yitzchaki)
(photo credit: yael yitzchaki)
You may have to fight for what you believe in and to preserve your good name. In the end you will discover that not only was it worth it, but far less frightening and complicated than you anticipated. Your partner and/or mate will stand solidly beside you as will more friends than you realized care. Take some time during the middle of the week to re-connect with an older friend or family member who you love.
HINT: Although money is not a major problem, you do have to watch your spending.
JUNE 22 – JULY 22
Sometimes you simply have to let go and this week you will be doing some real soul searching. Not all friendships last forever and not all relationships are healthy. Trust your judgment and pay attention to your intuition. No matter how hard you try, you can’t always be the glue that holds everyone together.
HINT: Your family always comes first and this week you will have the opportunity to do something special for someone you love.
Although you naturally put your own needs aside in order to avoid conflict as much as possible in your quest to keep everyone happy and satisfied, this week you put your foot down. There are some things which are non-negotiable and it is time you informed your partner and/or mate just what is and what is not acceptable to you.
HINT: Don’t worry. You will find the energy you need in order to finally solve some old problems.
DECEMBER 22 – JANUARY 19 Lately you have been taking stock and contemplating your roots and where you come from. Always honest… sometimes brutally so, you are not able to act differently even when the person you are judging is you, yourself. Don’t forget that you are just as important as anyone you know and your needs shouldn’t be overlooked. In the end, you will be surprised at how genuinely happy you are.
HINT: Time spent with an older member of your family is just what you need this week.
Always prepared to fight for the underdog, you don’t often take a stand and fight for your own rights.
This week you will begin to feel differently as your sense of justice and fair play won’t allow you to ignore what you feel you deserve. Don’t worry. Many more people than you know are on your side and willing to lend a helping hand. So, stay calm and steadfast. HINT: A simple conversation may turn into something more serious if you allow it.
AUGUST 23 – SEPTEMBER 22 This week you are going to have to learn patience and tolerance as you no longer have as much control as you would like. The more self-sufficient you are the better, even if it only means taking command of your emotions or managing your own finances.
You will choose what you are willing to share with others. Try to remember that ‘flexible’ is not a bad word.
HINT: Your relationship with a Taurus is expected to be far less complicated now.
MAY 21 – JUNE 21 So much is happening now that if you aren’t really careful you might just spend too much, say too much and even divulge too much. People are naturally attracted to you and this week is no exception. Try taking a step back to analyze the situation before accepting yet another assignment.
HINT: Remember, trust is something that needs to be earned and not given light-heartedly.
APRIL 20-MAY 20 Don’t let past insecurities hold you back. You are in a much better position now than you have been in a long time. Believe in yourself and you will be amazed at how quickly and simply you find the solutions you have been seeking.
For the time being, you prefer keeping your thoughts and feelings to yourself and only when you are ready, will you open up to those closest to you.
HINT: Take some time off Monday to walk away from your desk. Get out a bit and relax.
JULY 23 – AUGUST 22 For months you have been working overtime and a project that is dear to you has had to be put aside. Now is the time for you to reach out and get to it, even if it means getting up an hour earlier or going to bed an hour later. Once you begin you will remember the joy of working on something you honestly love.
HINT: All the puzzle pieces begin to fall into place and arrange themselves into some very interesting and exciting patterns.
OCTOBER 24 – NOVEMBER 21 The time has come for you to change your ways. Business as usual just isn’t satisfactory any more. The time has come for you to begin to take better care of yourself— start that diet; join a gym; study yoga…whatever it takes for you to get rid of some bad habits and take on a much healthier regime.
HINT: Your relationship with young people is as strong as ever and now is a perfect time for you to begin working together as a team.
JANUARY 20 – FEBRUARY 18 Your need to communicate is stronger than ever and now is the time for you to be heard. You find it easy to express yourself both verbally as well as on paper. Trust yourself and you won’t err. You have been working extremely hard and soon all your efforts will not only bear fruit but will surpass your own expectations.
HINT: Be patient with a sibling. This person means well and cares, even though you aren’t always on the same page.
The time has come for you to redefine your feelings and values towards your possessions. Soon you will feel it is time to let go and that is when you will be able to rid yourself of some very heavy and unnecessary baggage.
Until then try to find a quiet corner where you can think in peace and make some plans. Only you can decide what or who you are going to take along with you into the future.
HINT: Rather than going out on Thursday, invite some people over for an impromptu meal.