That’s Lifestyle: Out with the old, in with the new

Lifestyle editor’s weekly wrap-up: The beauty of fall; hidden gems, romantic getaways; Hanukka creeps up.

Fall vine arch (photo credit: Yehoshua Halevi)
Fall vine arch
(photo credit: Yehoshua Halevi)
When it comes to beauty, Israel has its fair share of nature spots and hidden getaways. As part of our efforts to show off the best that the land flowing with milk and honey has to offer, here at the JPost Lifestyle section we introduced two new columns this week.
Professional photojournalist Yehoshua Halevi will bring Israel to life with his unique photo essays as part of the suitably-named column, “Israel the Beautiful”. His first essay looked at fall time in Israel and how the colors of the trees can be as dramatic as the those in New England. Each photo essay will highlight a different aspect of Israel’s beauty, whether it be a natural phenomenon or the magic of a certain festival.
In the second column launched this week, travel writer Will Blesch will aim to uncover some of the often-overlooked hidden gems and romantic getaways dotted throughout the Israeli countryside. In the first column of his “The Great Escape” series, Will traveled all the way to Clil near Nahariya where he discovered a little slice of perfection at the Dan Eden tzimmer.
Here at the Lifestyle section we believe in the Jewish life cycle. While this week was one of new beginnings, it was also one where we said goodbye to a veteran columnist, Wayne Stiles. As a parting gift, Wayne treated us to a tour of Chorazin in the Galilee, which holds the nickname “Capernaum with a view.”
Barry Davis also found the time to explore the country and had a look at what there is to do in Golan Heights now that winter is approaching. His tips on the best accommodation, tourist attractions and restaurants are a must for anyone looking to head up north.
All that traveling can work up quite an appetite, and that’s where Taste TLV come in. Their list of the Top 5 sushi restaurants in Tel Aviv showed off some of the best Japanese restaurants in the city.
Staying on the food theme, the team at came up with some ingenious ways of making the most of the leftover Thanksgiving turkey. This Minestrone Soup was just one of many options offered.
Debbie Kandel  found a hidden kosher gem in Herzliya Pituah when she visited Vino Socca. Her review concluded that while the restaurant is pricey, it’s well worth the pleasure because of its good food and intimate, serene atmosphere.
In her review of Liliyot in Tel Aviv, Gloria Deutsch explained that the restaurant offers fine kosher dining as well as the added bonus of feeling you are contributing to a worthy cause. A win-win situation all round.
It wouldn’t be a Lifestyle wrap-up without some mention of a celebrity from the tribe. This week’s dose of celebrity came in the form of veteran US singer Carole King. The profile delved into Jewish side of the four times Grammy winner and hit-maker.
It’s that time of year when Jewish holidays seem like a distant memory, but then Hanukka creeps up with its abundance of oil and family activities. Even though it’s still over a week away, our columnists were busy getting us prepared.
Natalie Marx took an alternative approach to the festival of lights when she answered readers’ questions about the health benefits of various oils, and Loren Minsky had the children in mind when she counted down the top 5 Hanukka activities for families in Jerusalem.
As Hanukka draws closer, keep an eye out for special features and reviews that will light the way for an enjoyable holiday. Also, make sure to check out The Jerusalem Post Facebook page during the eight days of Hanukka when we’ll be delivering a “present” to our followers each day.
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