Beersheba call center proves to be quickest on the draw

Beersheba's municipal call center is by far the fastest to answer calls out of 10 telephone service centers around Israel, according to a survey reported by The survey found that the Beersheba call center took just one second to answer calls, a time much less than that of any other municipal or national telephone service. Among those tested were the Taxation Office, the Transport Department and the National Insurance Institute, as well as the municipal call centers of Beersheba, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Haifa. The survey found that while the Beersheba call center answered calls in just one second, the Jerusalem and Tel Aviv call centers each took more than one minute to answer calls and the Haifa call center took more than two minutes. Other services took as long as 10 minutes to answer calls, and in three cases the numbers were busy and could not be reached at all. No comments were reported on the findings.