Golden dome to get NIS 25m. upgrade

Haifa's iconic golden-domed Bahai Temple will be closed to visitors from the end of July until mid-October as the structure undergoes an extensive NIS 25 million renovation, reports But the famed gardens around the temple will still be open to the public while the work is being done. According to the report, the temple was built between 1948 and 1953 out of Italian granite and marble topped with a dome of gold-plated ceramic tiles, and now requires extensive repairs. While the overall appearance of the building will not change, the stonework will be repaired, the building will be reinforced against earthquakes, iron and steel elements and the tiles will be replaced, and the electrical wiring will be upgraded. The report said the the renovations will continue for four years, employing about 50 local workers as well as Bahai volunteers. The work is being funded entirely by donations raised in the Bahai community.