Man's cancer recognized as work injury

Bittersweet victory... a 70-year-old man who is suffering from two types of cancer has finally succeeded in winning recognition that both cancers were caused by his exposure to chemicals during the almost 40 years he worked at the Haifa Oil Refineries, reports The Haifa District Labor Court ruled that the National Insurance Institute should regard both cancers as work injuries, entitling the man to workers' compensation and benefits. According to the report, the man worked at the refineries for 39 years before developing both colon cancer and non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. Although the National Insurance Institute had previously acknowledged the man's colon cancer as a work injury, it refused to recognize the lymphoma as such. The man then sued the institute in the Haifa District Labor Court, which designated a specialist doctor to examine the matter, who said there seemed to be a direct connection between the development of the lymphoma and the man's exposure to organic chemicals during the course of his work at the refineries. Last week, Judge Maha Samir-Amar ruled that the cancer should be considered a work injury. The report did not say how much compensation the man would receive.