Pine Line

A new set of self-branded products and treatments incorporates the best that the luxurious Carmel Forest Spa Resort has to offer.

Carmel forest spa resort 311 (photo credit: Courtesy)
Carmel forest spa resort 311
(photo credit: Courtesy)
The Carmel Forest Spa Resort, known for its lush grounds, healthy lifestyle ethos, luxurious spa facilities and subtle but all-pervading pine scent, has followed in the footsteps of leading European spas and launched its own line of beauty and cosmetic products. To that end, the spa enlisted the expertise of Corporell Ltd., a company that specializes in the development and branding of premium cosmetics.
What they came up with was a broad line of products, dubbed 'Ultimate Pinotherapy' - it's based on pine oil and partakes of the resort's characteristic scent - and a series of spa treatments incorporating these products. According to the spa, pine oil is ideal for skin treatments because it has the ability to open the pores and cause the skin to 'breathe.'
Essential pine oil has very powerful and distinct cosmotological characteristics and contains a natural concentration of antioxidants, but can be abrasive to the skin in too-high concentrations. The products are therefore based on other elements as well, including aloe extracts, grape-seed oil, chamomile, olive oil, vitamin A, vitamin E and Dead Sea minerals, all of which help moisturize and nourish the skin. None of the ingredients is synthetic.
In order to further evoke the Carmel Forest experience, the series includes, in addition to skin-care products, aromatic scent sticks that diffuse a piny aroma for a relaxing and pleasant atmosphere, as well as a scented, handmade candle, which provides a similar effect.
Among the main staples are the body cream with extracts of aloe, green tea, olive oil and avocado (NIS 49.90 for 400 ml.), the shower gel (NIS 29.90 for 400 ml.), a vitamin E-enriched day cream (NIS 149 for 50 ml.), a gentle exfoliating soap (NIS 129 for 50 ml.) and many more products, some of them especially geared toward men.
Pinotherapy treatments offered by the spa include the 'Carmel Forest Body and Soul,' which involves cleansing the skin with an energizing salt rub and a gentle massage with almond oil (NIS 415 for 75 minutes).
The 'Carmel Forest Balancing' treatment begins with a deep massage for the back and shoulders, a foot massage concentrating on balancing and calming points, an arms-and-hands massage, and a scalp and face massage with Shea butter (NIS 415 for 75 minutes).
Those wishing to shed a few extra cells can opt for either a gentle body peeling treatment or a more intensive one. Both include a skin cleansing with an energizing salt rub followed by a massage with scented Shea butter (NIS 285 for 45 minutes).
Carmel Forest products can be purchased either at the spa itself (highly recommended) or at April stores.