Where there's smoke

You'd think that one place in which people would try to obey the law would be inside a courthouse - but when it comes to smokers, it seems many are unwilling to butt out for anything, reports www.mynet.co.il. In a crackdown on smoking in public buildings recently, municipal inspectors caught and fined dozens of people for smoking illegally inside the Beersheba court building - and some of the offenders were even lawyers. According to the report, the raid was sparked by court administrators who were angered by the rampant lack of obedience to the law that prohibits smoking inside public buildings, with numerous people blithely smoking inside the courthouse every day and ignoring the many "No Smoking" signs placed prominently throughout the building. The administrators joined forces with the municipal law enforcement branch to swoop in on the smokers, and in just one day caught dozens them, including a number of lawyers. Each offender was fined NIS 1,000.