Ein Kerem: The details

Ein Kerem can be reached by the 17 bus from the Central Bus Station. Admission to the churches is free. Most sites close at noon and reopen at 2 p.m. For organized visits call Pnina Ein Mor of The Ein Kerem Legend, 641-8682, or visit www.einkerem-legend.co.il.
  • Adina Solomonovich: A ceramics studio in a historic home with hamsas and kiddush cups. Info: 643-7484
  • Esti Deri's: A traditional Moroccan feast, open for reserved groups of 20 only; kosher; closed on Shabbat. Info: 643-7326.
  • Pundak Ein Kerem: A romantic caf beside Mary's Fountain. Not kosher. 02.643.1840
  • Inbal: A cozy caf serving locally-baked pastry, sandwiches and salads. Kosher. Closed on Shabbat. Info: 644-6533.
  • Ruti Havilio: An artist who paints vignettes of Ein Kerem on ceramic tiles, her gallery is her historic home. Info: 641-7912.
  • Sweet Ein Kerem: A chocolaterie serving gourmet chocolate and ice cream. Info: 200-6660.
  • The Daphne Magic: A bed and breakfast with three new guest units for couples and families. Info: 054-427-4416.
  • The Ein Kerem Bistro: Works by local artists on the walls, serving pastry, salads and light meals. Not kosher. Open Saturday. Info: 643-0865.
  • The Targ Kerem Music Center: Founded by the duo-pianists Bracha Eden and Alexander Tamir in 1968, the center offers modestly priced recitals and chamber-music concerts on Friday and Saturday morning. The surrounding garden is worth a visit. Info: 641-4250.
  • The Rosary Monastery Guesthouse. A charming pilgrims hospice across from Mary's Fountain. Info: 641.3755.