Jerusalem by number

The budget for 2006 is a heavy book - 382 pages, most of them figures. Here are some of them. This year's budget is bigger than last year's, by NIS 185.4 million. In 2006, the municipality expects to take in NIS 1.235 billion - an increase of 5.2 percent compared to last year. The municipality will spend 10.57% more on activities than it did last year. The sums allocated towards salaries have been reduced: NIS 466.2m., compared to 468.6m. in 2005. Reductions on arnona will cost the municipality NIS 400m. in 2006, while pensions and compensations will cost NIS 228m. The education budget for 2006 is NIS 455.296m. The budget for the haredi education department totals NIS 177.302m. The welfare department will receive NIS 388,469m. The maintenance department, which includes public sanitation, the municipal garage, physical improvements and municipal supervision, will receive NIS 354, 753m.