Luz Control

SHLOMTZI BAR, Friday 10:30 p.m. 21+ Free entrance to Shlomtzi's this week for American students. Just send your name to Jacob Mars in a Facebook message and you're in! Come and party at one of the few Jerusalem clubs with an authentic Israeli atmosphere. Both bottomless beer for NIS 45 and chasers for NIS 10 until 12:30 a.m. Enjoy great music, fun people, loads of dancing and more alcohol than you know what to do with!! Rehov Shlomzion Hamalka 18. Info: 052-466-3453 Jacob Mars HAKATZE, Friday 11 p.m. Nu-Electro, Electro-Pop, Electro Breaks, Electro Funk, Baile Funk, 8-Bit, Electro Clash, Miami Bass, Glitch, Skweee, Electro-Hop, Detroit Electro, The Hague Electro, DanceFloor IDM, Acid Breakbit, Wonky Techno... A night with an electro rainbow to warm your soul and move your feet. No less than six DJs. Huge basses, broken rhythm, space-age effects and a bagful of tricks that will get you out on the dance floor. Rehov Shushan 4, downtown HATAKLIT, Saturday 11:30 p.m. Around for only two years, the pub is fairly new but has already succeeded in penetrating the consciousness of those seeking an alternative atmosphere. Its walls are decorated with records and rare photos of the pioneers of Israeli and foreign music. Come to a Mandate party with the best and latest alternative and rave in the country. Rehov Heleni Hamalka 7. Info: 624-4073 OSHO BASDERA, Monday, 9 p.m. Osho has a new owner named Shai who's spicing up the menu and the name of his establishment. Starters include samples from the new menu, in the presence of many Jerusalem VIPs. And girls, if you can sink a ball through a hoop at the entrance, you'll get your very own Osho G-string! The coming event, meticulously planned by Kfir Haroush & Co., will begin early and continue into the wee hours with a crazy freestyle party orchestrated by Ron Yizraeli. He's already the record-holder for the amazing number of parties he's thrown in town. Rehov Shlomzion Hamalka 3. Info: 625-1666 UGANDA, Tuesday, 10 p.m. This alternative concept pub provides music that goes down smoothly with alcohol and relaxation on comfortable chairs and welcoming sofas. This week you can flow with the soft-rock music of Yuval Messner, the talented musician who was a member of several well-known Israeli bands, has worked with famous artists and composed music for TV and theater. You definitely know his popular tunes. Singer Liat Shamai will appear with him, accompanied by cello, piano and guitar. Yuval draws you into a surreal world, where you feel like you're in a movie. Entrance: NIS 20 Rehov Aristobolus 4. Info: 623-6087 JABOTINSKY BAR, Wednesday 11 p.m., 24+ OK - it sounds like the clientele would be a bunch of stuffed shirts, but we checked and the place has been infiltrated by a cool crowd. Tel Aviv DJ Eran Shmiel appears every Wednesday, along with his rich repertoire of beloved MTV songs. His music pulls you straight onto the dance floor where, with the most up-to-date beat, you can forget all about the outside world for a few hours. Rehov Ben-Shetah 1 BASS, Wednesday 11 p.m., 22+ The Tubbz are coming with their unique, authentic Jamaican dancehall rhythms! Meet the latest developments and developers - Misunshine, Yarasta, Dizasta and the Persian Prince. Don't be surprised if you feel a little wobbly at the end of the evening. Rehov Hahistadrut 1 MEGA DANCE BAR, 17 Thursday, 11 p.m., 24+ They never stop surprising us!! For the first time in Israel, one of the greatest DJs in the world is coming. He's rated number eight by DJ Magazine: It's DJ Marcus Schultz from Germany. Amazing!! They line up for him at the most popular clubs in the world, from the Amanzia in Ibiza to the Pacha in New York to the Ministry of Sound in London, to name but a few. His music makes harmonious transitions from chill-out to electro to the thickest of aggressive-house. Tickets at the office of the 17. Rehov Ha'oman 17, Talpiot. Info: 678-1658