Call to turn off fountains in Ra'anana

Ra'anana city councilor Idit Diamant is urging the city to turn off the popular fountains in the main street in a bid to save water during the current water shortage, Diamant says that during a time in which residents are being asked to reduce their water consumption and dry up their lawns, it is "not suitable" for the city to operate fountains that spill water on to the sidewalk, even if the water is recycled. According to the report, the fountains on Rehov Ahuza operate on a continuous recycling system, with the water draining back to troughs under the sidewalk and being reused. The fountains have proved a popular play site on hot days for young children since they were installed a year ago. But Diamant said the fountains were built so that they sprayed over the sidewalk and a large amount of water was wasted. She also said that signs should be placed next to the fountains to warn parents who allowed their children to play in them that the water was recycled and posed a danger to the youngsters' health. "If something happens to any of the children, or even if a passerby slips in the water, the city of Ra'anana will be responsible for this, especially if there is no appropriate sign," she said. A municipal spokesman responded that Ra'anana was a "green city" and as such made great efforts to reduce water consumption, including replacing seasonal plants and lawns with hardier vegetation and synthetic grass. The spokesman said the fountains on Rehov Ahuza were part of the city's green policy, using continuously recycled water and operating only between 4 and 10 pm.